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The Bachelor ArtScience is a unique interdisciplinary art programme between the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) and the Royal Conservatoire (KC), that fosters curiosity-driven research as an approach to the creation of art. We see that traditional art forms such as music, film, theatre and visual art are increasingly influenced by social changes, scientific research and technological developments.

We offer a unique and practice-based creative programme that teaches you to research and conceive new art forms. The programme contains theoretical courses, workshops, research projects, individual projects and individual coaching. You will learn how to connect and transcend various art forms and areas of expertise, and are invited to re-invent art, as is needed in this century.





4 jaar voltijd


Taconis Stolk


Bachelor of Arts




Professional Perspective

The Bachelor ArtScience educates you to work between science and the arts to create new forms of art. Our alumni operate where art, culture and science intersect. They work as independent artists or in a team on digital projects and performances for festivals, theatres or online platforms. They publish books, software and musical recordings and organise festivals, concerts and exhibitions.

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