The Rental Workshop provides KABK students and staff with access to equipment to be used at the academy and beyond, including laptops, monitors and beamers, small cameras for video and photography, tripods, and even 3D scanners and drones. We also have a large selection of sale items including spray paint, sanding disc, printing paper and film rolls. We hope to inspire students to research, experiment with, and make use of our wide range of equipment in their creative work.

We not only pride ourselves in our diverse range of equipment but also in the number of each object available to our students at any given time. Do you need 10 TV screens for a project? No problem! We are happy to help students with what they need, even when it’s a busy period at the academy.

Our team is more than happy to give students advice and brainstorm solutions to creative questions. Let us know if we can help!


Prinsessegracht building, PA.002


Mon-Thur 8.30-19.30
Fri 8.30-17.00


070 3154 713


Chris Borman
Abel Wolff

Academiewinkel Den Haag

Maandag t/m donderdag: 08.45-20.30
Vrijdag: 08.45-14.45
Zaterdag: 10.00-12.30

Gerard van Zeggelaar
Tel.: 06-39574400
Email: gerard@academiewinkel.nl