Research & Discourse is a mandatory course for the first year students of all bachelor departments within the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. The course critically relates creative practice to theory - making to thinking - in the framework of contemporary creative practices. Which insights, skills, approaches and methods do you need to develop and to be aware of, so you can build a successful creative practice? And how do you position your practice in a broader context?

During the whole first year you will focus on different aspects of artistic practice and research. The practice of an artist or a designer is all about making, but is there any making without thinking and exploring? You will work individually and in small groups on enhancing your awareness and research skills which will help you to articulate, write and talk about your ideas. This program will invite you to raise relevant questions, discuss visions and advance your research capabilities. It will inform you and gradually prepare you to take a position in the contemporary interdisciplinary discourse of the Arts.

The programme of Research & Discourse is a combination of art theory and research skills. Art theory is the domain in which artists, designers or philosophers reflect upon the meaning and potential of the Arts, while research skills help you to write and talk about your ideas and position as an artist or designer.