Encouragement Awards to graduates of 2022

13 juli 2022

This years' Graduation Awards were made possible thanks to Stichting tot Steun, Academy Shop, Stroom Den Haag, Heden Kunst van Nu, Schuitema Stichting, Jan Roëde Stichting, Waag Technology & Society and iii. The prizes comprise scholarships, coaching trajectories, residencies, exhibition of work and support with production work. Find the winners of the Encouragement Awards listed below.

Stichting tot Steun Award

The Stichting tot Steun Award comprises this year of six scholarships.

5 x €3000 stipend was awarded to:

Kwadwo Amfo-Akonnor (Bachelor Photography 2022) - "His way of portraying people is not only of high quality and craftsmanship. It also asks questions about how you look at the work and how you feel about it."

Kwadwo Amfo-Akonnor
'(S)ILHOUETTE', Kwadwo Amfo-Akonnor

Sarah Hoogman (Bachelor Interactive Media Design 2022) - "Hoogman's work makes you happy! Through her research into everything that is in motion, she discovered happiness and made it measurable and experienceable."

Sarah Hoogman
'VIBRANT MATTER', Sarah Hoogman

Wies Mobach (Bachelor Interactive Media Design 2022) - "She combines the organic material of the fungi with hard and inert ceramic forms. A fascinating contrast."

Wies Mobac
'More Than One', Wies Mobac

Nina Škerjanc (Master Industrial Design 2022) - "Skerjanc's work makes you think twice, by questioning each other about the eyes through which you look at nature, the plants and the stories you know about them."

Nina Škerjanc
'Unlearning Botanical Narratives', Nina Škerjanc

Lema Ahmadi (Bachelor Fine Arts 2022) - "Ahmadi's work absorbs you. The space is filled with her work and you become part of it yourself."

Lema Ahmadi
Lema Ahmadi

1 x €1500 stipend) was awarded to

Biko Wouterse (Bachelor Fine Arts 2022) - "The board admires his art, his chosen direction and the way in which he visualizes his choices and, last but not least, lards the whole thing with the necessary humour."

Biko Wouterse
Biko Wouterse

Read the whole jury reports of above winners.

Paul Schuitema Award

The Paul Schuitema Award comprises of a scholarship of €3000 which was awarded to:

Jamal Ageli (Bachelor Photography 2022) - "Call Her the Morning Start is an integral presentation – involving various media and angles – seducing through mesmerizing aesthetics to confront with disregarded and overlooked issues in a way that puts the spectator on the wrong foot – repeatedly." Click here to read the jury report.

Jamal Ageli
'Call Her The Morning Star', Jamal Ageli

Stroom Talent Award

The Stroom Talent Award offers a coaching trajectory for one year to the following graduates:

Paulina Trzeciak (Bachelor Graphic Design 2022)

Zela Odessa Palmer (Bachelor Fine Arts 2022)

Jamal Ageli (Bachelor Photography 2022)

Georgina Pantazopoulou (Master Interior Architecture 2022)

Jan Roëde Award

The Jan Roëde Award comprises of a scholarship of €3000. This prize was awarded to:

Alexander Koch (Bachelor Fine Arts 2022) - "Alexander Koch is, much like the prize's namesake Jan Roëde, a painter pur sang. Entering the space in which he exposes his presentation "Fragile Fictions", the spectator is immediately convinced of the painterly quality of the works presented." Read the jury report.

Alexander Koch
'Fragile Fictions', Alexander Koch
Alexander Koch
'Fragile Fictions', Alexander Koch

Heden Start Award

The coaching trajectory for one year with possibly of exhibition and purchase of work was awarded to:

Johnny-Mae Hauser (Bachelor Photography 2022) - "The soft, blurred contours keep the viewer at a distance, just as one comes closer to see the work better, the lines dissolve into the background." Click here to read the jury report.

Johnny-Mae Hauser
'bildnis', Johnny-Mae Hauser

Waag Art & Technology MA Award

The showcase work/exhibition/€350 production budget was awarded to:

Armand Lesecq (Master ArtScience 2022) - "Just because in a world wherein more and more consumer media screens and
applications push their endless audio-visual streams towards us, Phosphene represents a media work that does the opposite." Read the jury report.

Armand Lesecq
'Phosphene', Armand Lesecq

Waag Art & Technology BA Award

The showcase work/exhibition/€350 production budget was awarded to:

• Anne-Florence Neveu (Bachelor ArtScience 2022) - "Neveu’s work is another example of artistic research into the ever further instrumentalization and industrialization of animal life for the benefit of humans. One however can ask the question in this case to what purpose. To that of the entertainment industry, that of panda-diplomacy?" Read the whole jury report here.

Anne-Florence Neveu
'Ballistic desires for long range attraction & May your eyes never look away, May your genitals always be lubricated',Anne-Florence Neveu

iii Residency Award

The four week residency in the iii workspace, including an honorarium of €2000 and a production budget of €1000 was awarded to:

Jeroen Alexander Meijer (Bachelor Interactive Media Design 2022) - "We are impressed by the scale of the work and by the potential of the instrument to create multi sensory compositions with sound, light, space and touch. We enjoyed the deep immersion created by the instrument, which was able to envelop us without at the same time overwhelming us." Click here for the jury report.

Jeroen Alexander Meijer
'OUROBOROS | The Sibilant Light of Attention', Jeroen Alexander Meijer

Rotary Pulchri prize

Rotary Pulchri prize awarded various prizes to below graduates:

Stand at Art The Hague and a Pulchri year membership to
Menno Pasveer (Bachelor Fine Arts 2022)

Menno Pasveer
'An Ode to the Floor Cleaning Industry', Menno Pasveer

Video on museum night at Pulchri and Pulchri year membership for
Jamal Ageli (Bachelor Photography 2022)

Exhibition in the “Tuingalerie” of Pulchri Studio and Pulchri year membership for

Obbe van der Weide (Bachelor Fine Arts 2022)
Milou van Vlijmen (Bachelor Fine Arts 2022)
Emilija Povilanskaite (Bachelor ArtScience 2022)
Robin Pieterse (Bachelor Fine Arts 2022)

Academy Shop Award

3 x €100

Weronika Uyar (Bachelor Graphic Design 2022)
Jules Janssen (Bachelor Graphic Design 2022)
Hannah Jacobs (Bachelor Photography 2022)