Studieprofiel Master ArtScience

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The Master ArtScience is a unique interdisciplinary art programme between the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) and the Royal Conservatoire (KC). The two-year master investigates and shapes the intersection between artistic concepts and recent developments in science and technology.

Geared towards students who have already finished some form of higher art education and who are at the beginning of an independent artistic practice, admission to the programme will be based on a research proposal. During the programme you will develop or transform your own artistic niche within the broad field of art and science.

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2 years full-time

Department head

Taconis Stolk


Master of Music


Professional Perspective

The Master ArtScience educates you to work between science and the arts to create new forms of art. Our alumni operate where art, culture and science intersect. They work as independent artists or in a team on digital projects and performances for festivals, theatres or online platforms. They publish books, software and musical recordings and organise festivals, concerts and exhibitions.

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