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The Master ArtScience is a unique programme offered by the ArtScience Interfaculty, which is embedded in both the Royal Conservatoire and the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) and also closely collaborates with Leiden University’s Academy of Creative and Performing Arts and the Media Technology MSc programme.

The two-year master is offered in an interdisciplinary learning environment that fosters curiosity driven research as an approach for the making of art. Its interdisciplinary focus intersects the existing fields of music, visual arts, media art and other artistic disciplines, humanities and the natural sciences.

ArtScience is constantly evolving and focuses as an experimental department on new interdisciplinary art forms created from new technological, scientific and contemporary conceptual approaches. The programme considers art and science to be a continuum and promotes the development of new art forms and artistic languages.

The programme encourages students to question and reflect on current developments within the arts and sciences but also technological, social and political developments. The ArtScience environment/community continuously investigates new forms of art, new presentation methods and presentation places. With this, ArtScience challenges students to wonder what future forms of art can be like.

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2 years full-time

Department head

Taconis Stolk


Master of Music




Professional Perspective

The Master ArtScience educates you to work between science and the arts to create new forms of art. Our alumni operate where art, culture and science intersect. They work as independent artists or in a team on digital projects and performances for festivals, theatres or online platforms. They publish books, software and musical recordings and organise festivals, concerts and exhibitions.

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