Studieprofiel Master Artistic Research

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The Master Artistic Research at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) is an intensive two-year programme for highly motivated artists who have a specific interest in research processes and are eager to carry out critical reflection in relation to their art practice.

This programme will help you to become an autonomous, critically-aware artistic researcher, and will equip you with a complex understanding of the ways art can intersect with the aesthetic, social, political, and historical field.

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2 jaar voltijd


Janice McNab


Master of Arts in Fine Art & Design




Professional perspective

The Master Artistic Research provides an artistic education, and most of our graduates go on to be practicing artists. A number have won prizes in their respective fields, or gone on to receive commissions, residencies, and other opportunities to further their research. Our program also offers interested students a sound basis from which to go on to study for a practice based PhD, and to participate in post-academic research institutes. After some time in the field, some alumni have also become tutors in art schools themselves.

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