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The two-year master’s programme in Artistic Research educates artists who want to ask questions about the world through the practice of art. We support a curious and experimental approach to making, place value in unconventional approaches to this aesthetic knowledge production, and together, explore the sorts of meanings your art works, and those of others, can be said to hold. We see artistic research as a way to meaningfully reflect on what is, but importantly, also on what could be.

The programme is designed as a single educational arc that spans two years of study. During this time, we help you to better identify your area of enquiry, refine your questions and methods, analyse your outcomes, and reflect on how these relate to the cultural field that your practice is part of. During your studies in the Master Artistic Research you are introduced to new concepts and working methods, and through shared reflection, gain a heightened ability to engage with complexity. You graduate with an enriched understanding of your practice and the questions that fuel it, and an increased ability to further develop and maintain that practice into the future.



Master of Arts


Full-time 2 years

Study load


English-taught programme
(English level required)

Department Head

Janice McNab


Application deadlines

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Programme / CROHO

M Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design / 49114

Insights in this study programme

Listen to a conversation with Aleksandra and Omid, second year students of the Master Artistic Research programme at KABK!

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screenshot Graduation Catalogue

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Professional & Research perspectives

The Master Artistic Research provides an artistic education, and most of our graduates go on to be practicing artists. A number have won prizes in their respective fields, or gone on to receive commissions, residencies, and other opportunities to further their research.

Our program also offers interested students a sound basis from which to go on to study for a practice-based PhD, and to participate in post-academic research institutes.