International strategy

Since art and design are international disciplines, the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) has a clear vision with regards to internationalisation.

Our international ambitions are reflected in the structure of our curriculum, the student population (about 50% of our students are international), and in our English-taught classes.

Academic year 2016/2017

Total number bachelor and master students




International students

around 50%


primarily from France, Italy and Germany


primarily from South-Korea, the United States and Russia

Collaboration and exchange

The KABK works closely with prestigious art academies around the world. This ensures that we have an attractive international exchange programme for our students, (guest) teachers and general staff.

Across all facets of the Academy, including in the educational departments, collaborations exist with colleagues around the world. Developments in artistic content and pedagogical fields, as well as innovations, such as (material) research, are followed closely and responded to in attempt to further discussions.

For students

Study trips to art and design fairs like Documnta in Kassel, the Biennale in Venice, the Photography Festival in Arles and the Festival International de L’affiche et du Graphisme in Chaumont are organised for our students from the first year onwards.

Students and alumni are encouraged to participate in foreign competitions, exhibitions, artist-in-residencies and exchange programmes.

Foreign internships are organised by students themselves and in collaboration with the Academy’s teachers and International Office.

For teachers and staff

Exchange programmes with colleagues from international art and design academies are regularly organised at the KABK either in the form of staff exchange, expertmeetings or guest teacher exchange programmes.

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