We are pleased to introduce you to film as a shared space for inquiry, reflection, and debate.

This new lectorate focuses on research in and through film, in the broadest sense of what moving images can be. It aims to connect students and researchers at KABK and KC around this interdisciplinary medium, and to build bridges with students and faculty of Leiden University. A particular interest is to deepen the understanding and practice of film as a discursive medium, as a form of thinking and arguing, as course and discourse.

In the current academic year, following the Joint Research Day, FILM will start organising screenings, lectures and discussions for students across all departments at KABK and KC. The focus will be on the master’s departments, but students from other departments are welcome to participate too. One of the planned activities is a thematic viewing and discussion project. It intends to provide insight into a wide variety of approaches of working with moving images and to show what film as discourse can entail.

FILM is led by lector Erik Viskil, who is affiliated with Leiden University as academic director of ACPA and professor of Research and Discourse in Artistic Practice. He is also co-director of ReCNTR, an interdisciplinary research centre aimed at advancing multimodal and audio-visual research methods in the social sciences and humanities. Coordinator of the lectorate is Georgie Brinkman, alumna of the Master Artistic Research of KABK, where she also works as coordinator.

The lectorate’s programme is currently being developed and will be published part by part.

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