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Contact information educational departments

Bachelor ArtScience
Coordinator: Marisa Manck

Bachelor Fine Arts
Coordinators: Martijn Verhoeven & Cecilia Bengtsson

Bachelor Interactive/Media/Design
Coordinator: Dave Willé

Bachelor Interior Architecture & Furniture Design
Coordinators: Mariska Beljon & Roosmarijn Hompe

Bachelor Graphic Design
Coordinators: Ingrid Grunwald & Marit van der Meulen

Bachelor Photography
Coordinators: Linda van der Poel (full-time course) & Raimond Wouda (part-time course).

Bachelor Textile & Fashion
Coordinators: Gerrit Uittenbogaard & Sanne Jansen

Master Artistic Research
Coördinator Master Artistic Research

Master ArtScience
Coordinator: Marisa Manck

Master Industrial Design
Coordinator: Zara Roelse

Master Interior Architecture (INSIDE)
Coordinator: Lotte van den Berg

Master Non Linear Narrative
Coordinators: Ingrid Grunwald & Marit van der Meulen

Master Photography & Society
Coordinator: Lotte van den Berg.

Master TypeMedia
Coordinator: Marja van der Burgh

Lectorate Art Theory & Practice, Lectorate Design
Coordinator: Emily Huurdeman

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  • Prinsessegracht 4
  • 2514 AN The Hague
  • The Netherlands



Wheelchair access

Please note that the academy building is not easily accessible for wheelchair users. We are currently improving the accessibility, but you are advised to call the reception to prepare your visit.

Reception: +31 (0) 70 315 47 77