Individual Study Track (IST)

The IST-plan is an excellent opportunity for you to customise your studies. KABK organises a wide range of projects that can be joined in the context of IST. We have divided our offer into three types of projects: Research Labs, Material Labs, and Impact Labs.

Research Labs

The research labs are experimental and research based interdisciplinary working groups, offered by one or more departments and/or research domains. In the labs, the research orientation of the programs is further explored and deepened by encouraging students to work together on particular themes with students and teachers from other disciplines.

Material Labs

When it comes to thinking with your hands, the workshops are the place to be. Experimentation and coincidence start with execution; with doing. Your intuition and the intuition of your hands, can be key ingredients in a creative process. In the material labs teachers and workshop instructors share their expertise with you.

Material labs are also a place to re-consider and reflect on the histories and positionalities of materials. Where do materials come from? What and who do they represent? How do we care for them?

Impact Labs

You’ve made an artwork. Now what?

Art and society are inherently linked and intertwined. One has never managed to exist without the other. It’s obvious that art has an impact on our societies, communities and politics. But how can artists organise this impact in a conscious way?

To address this question, the IST curriculum is expanding with a new category: the Impact Labs. These labs all depart from focusing on artistic production or research and instead look into how art and artists have an impact on our world.

Some examples/outcomes of past IST labs



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