Research Lab Soundscape: Madame Poire

From 17 until 21 April 2023, the 56th edition of the Spring Festival took place in Amare and the Korzo Theater in The Hague. Soundscape’s Madame Poire was a close collaboration between students of the Royal Conservatoire (KonCon) and the Royal Academy of Art (KABK), which took shape in a theatrical concert in Korzo.

The Spring Festival has become legendary and represents a great opportunity to keep abreast of the latest developments among the youngest generation of composers. Roughly speaking, the Royal Conservatoire dealed with sound and the KABK with visuals. This collaboration invited students from both institutes to collaborate and discover the strength and fun of joining forces.

The participants of this project were invited to design non-existing instruments. Besides creating these instruments, they collaborated in making a performance with their instruments.

Overview of performances during Soundscape's Madame Poire

Composer: Niko Schroeder
Visuals and performance: Adėle Houssin, Inez Nuijten

Inner & outer; Air & water; Warm & cold. Duality of the energy that makes us alive.

Photo: Alex Schröder

Composer: Jurijn Jonker
Controll: Inez Nuijten Piano: Parvin Diyanati

Three situations will be played at different moments throughout the concert. The cells that are being played on the piano will appear in the following Ramifications: Ramification 3: Madame Poire, Ramification 4, Ramification 5: Et les harpes sonnent partout…, Ramification 6: Rehearings 1 and NEuE meets Composition and Ramification 7: Composing with programs.

Photo: Alex Schröder

Concept, Composition and Performance: Marijn Brussel and Mateusz Godlewski

For four flashlights, light sensors, mirrors and two performers

Photo: Alex Schröder

Concept, Composition and Performance: Heejin Kim, Minwoo Park

There are some differences between ‘personal’ and ‘private’. In this work, we want to talk about ‘private’ at the moment where comfort and safety collapse. As each sound from the private and the non-private situation is inter-mingled, ‘private’ no longer exists. Rather, it seems like the key traits are endangered. However, at the same time, this unpredictable event gives us the possibility to expand our perception. What will come after?

Photo: Alex Schröder

Concept and Performance: Fernande Bloemen en Pam Breedveld

Photo: Alex Schröder

By: Dominika Badyla & Mick Peters
Performers: Julian Loof, Niko Schroeder, Max Mekkes, Nadia Sotirova Abadjieva, Stefanos Constantinides, Jakub Cerulík, Basia Jagiello

An excerpt of Tore Häggman’s theater work “Do Not Applaud”, about Klaus Meinbergs life and compositional work. The play details the relationship Klaus had with audience reception to his pieces. The fragment presents the musical performance at the heart of this story.

Photo: Alex Schröder

Concept, visual and performance: Franki Dodwell, Anna Bielska, Zeynep Oral

Photo: Alex Schröder

Visual, composition and performance: Yicheng Geng

Hypnopompia is a status of consciousness leading out of sleep, a status in between asleep and awake, a status when magic happens that blurs the line of real world and hallucinations. It happens a lot to me thanks to my husband, and you will see my daily struggles.

Photo: Alex Schröder

Composition and performance: Akiko Mik, Mateusz Godlewski
Visuals and performance: Indra Joachimsthal, Haevn Aalbersberg

Photo: Alex Schröder

Concept and performance: Stefanos Constantinides & Dominic Hughes

Photo: Alex Schröder

Composition, performance and animation: Marijn Brussel
Performance: Mateusz Godlewski

Converting from the physical world to a “platonic” world through abstraction. Although languages differ greatly, they all possess metaphysical qualities. I have translated these qualities into musical notation.

Photo: Alex Schröder

Concept, visual and performance: Alper Cekinmez

First, man invented a meter that tracks the rotation of the earth. Then, human started spinning around the meter. In our race against Earth, can we get a minute to turn around?

Concept, visual and performance: Lai Keng Lam
Introduction: Franki Dodwell

Everything is made by hands.

Photo: Alex Schröder

Karolina Rusak

Photo: Alex Schröder

Participating students Royal Conservatoire

Franki Dodwell
Mateusz Godlewski
Jurijn Jonker
Lai Keng Lam
Akiko Mik
Mick Peters
Niko Schroder
Katherine Teng

Participating students KABK

Haevn Aalbersberg
Dominika Badyla
Anna Bielska
Fernande Bloemen
Pam Breedveld
Marijn Brussel
Alper Cekinmez
Stefanos Constantinides
Yicheng Geng
Adėle Houssin
Dominic Hughes
Indra Joachimsthal
Heejin Kim
Yasmin Kök
Inez Nuijten
Zeynep Oral
Minwoo Park
Karolina Rusak


Martijn Padding
Erika Bordon
Yannis Kyriakides
Pedro Latas
Gert Dumbar
Brecht Hoffmann
Lara Silva Santos


Keren Levi



Mon 17 April 2023 00.00 - Fri 21 April 2023 00.00


Amare and the Korzo Theater in The Hague

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