The aim of the Stichting tot Steun Foundation is to support students of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) by means of awarding prizes, by contributing to the maintenance of collections for educational purposes and to the improvement of the study environment at the academy, by promoting participation in (international) exhibitions and enabling projects for special KABK talent. The Foundation is a so-called ANBI foundation, which means that donations made are eligible for tax benefits.


In 2023, the Stichting tot Steun scholarships were awarded to:

Alice Vink (Graphic Design, 2023): "Alice has created an exceptional and balanced combination of wonder, engagement and form. Alice's research has transformed itself into an autonomous work of art that arouses amazement in the viewer and at the same time provides insight into a hitherto virtually hidden world."

Nienke Roth (Photography, 2023): "The committee appreciated her way of presenting as a whole. Nienke tried to make a connection between past, present and future through the subject 'Waterwolf'. She tried to make the viewer see the concept of 'Waterwolf' in a different way with the help of 'language'."

Isa Roelink (Fine Arts, 2023): "The committee was impressed by Isa's color palette and her humour. She literally interweaves myths, dreams and reality in her own unique way."

Myra-Ida van der Veen (Artscience Interfaculty, 2023): "The committee is impressed by the way in which different forms of expression are combined and arrive at a completely unique form and sound for its project."

Lakisha Apostel (Fine Arts, 2023): "The act was very convincing, impressive and must have demanded a lot of their stamina. Lakisha Apostel's group made an impressive and transformed connection between current events and the history of the people of Curaçao."

Jacob Wallet (Artscience Interfaculty, 2023): "The committee was impressed by the combination of art and science. The committee has also recognized that over time the work has changed. Bringing together and integrating art and science is what the academy advocates, but it is also quite a challenge in such a process to arrive at a convincing form that actually communicates."

Read the whole jury report of the winners.

Winners Stichting tot Steun scholarships 2023

In 2022 the Stichting tot Steun Award comprises of six scholarships (five of €3000 and one of €1500)

5 x €3000 stipend was awarded to:

Kwadwo Amfo-Akonnor (Bachelor Photography 2022) - "His way of portraying people is not only of high quality and craftsmanship. It also asks questions about how you look at the work and how you feel about it."

Kwadwo Amfo-Akonnor
'(S)ILHOUETTE', Kwadwo Amfo-Akonnor

Sarah Hoogman (Bachelor Interactive Media Design 2022) - "Hoogman's work makes you happy! Through her research into everything that is in motion, she discovered happiness and made it measurable and experienceable.

Sarah Hoogman
'VIBRANT MATTER', Sarah Hoogman

Wies Mobach (Bachelor Interactive Media Design 2022) - "She combines the organic material of the fungi with hard and inert ceramic forms. A fascinating contrast."

Wies Mobac
'More Than One', Wies Mobac

Nina Škerjanc (Master Industrial Design 2022) - "Skerjanc's work makes you think twice, by questioning each other about the eyes through which you look at nature, the plants and the stories you know about them."

Nina Škerjanc
'Unlearning Botanical Narratives', Nina Škerjanc

Lema Ahmadi (Bachelor Fine Arts 2022) - "Ahmadi's work absorbs you. The space is filled with her work and you become part of it yourself."

Lema Ahmadi
Lema Ahmadi

One €1500 stipend was awarded to

Biko Wouterse (Bachelor Fine Arts 2022) - "The board admires his art, his chosen direction and the way in which he visualizes his choices and, last but not least, lards the whole thing with the necessary humour."

Biko Wouterse
Biko Wouterse

Read the whole jury reports of above winners.

In 2020, the Foundation made available the amount of € 11,500 for the academy's graduation awards.

Royal Academy Bachelor Award

Winner: Edward Dżułaj, Bachelor Graphic Design

Edward Dżułaj, Royal Academy Bachelor Award Winner 2020
photo Jamal Ageli

Royal Academy Master Award

Winner: Sébastien Robert, Master ArtScience

Sébastien Robert, Royal Academy Master Award Winner 2020
photo Jamal Ageli

Royal Academy Bachelor Thesis Award  2020

Winner: Ashleigh Wilson (BA Photography)

Ashleigh Wilson, Royal Academy Bachelor Thesis Award  winner 2020
photo Jamal Ageli

Royal Academy Master Thesis Award  2020

Winner: Adele Dipasquale, Master Artistic Research Thesis: 'All The Stories We Might Tell'

Adele Dipasquale, Royal Academy Master Thesis Award winner 2020
photo Jamal Ageli

Royal Academy Bachelor department Awards

  • Bachelor ArtScience department Award  2020 Winner: Ivan Čuić
  • Bachelor Fine Arts department Award  2020 Winner: Narges Mohammadi
  • Bachelor Photography department Award  2020 Winner: Bebe Blanco Agterberg
  • Bachelor Interior Architecture & Furniture department Award  2020 Winner: Laura Bosch
  • Bachelor Interactive/Media/Design department Award  2020 Winner: Carmen Roca Igual
  • Bachelor Graphic Design department Award  2020 Winner: Zuzanna Zgierska
  • Bachelor Textile & Fashion Department Award 2020 Winner: Inge Vaandering  

Royal Academy Master department Awards 

  • Master Artistic Research department Award  2020 Winner: Adele Dipasquale
  • Master ArtScience department Award  2020 Winner: Lianne van Roekel
  • Master Industrial Design department Award  2020 Winner: Sandipan Nath
  • Master Interior Architecture INSIDE department Award  2020 Winner: Mary Farwy
  • Master Non Linear Narrative department Award  2020 Winner: Cristina Lavosi
  • Master Photography & Society department Award  2020 Winner: Ana Nuñez Rodriguez
  • Master Type and Media department Award  2020 Winner: Céline Hurka
'Zonder Titel', Janis Kounellis kunstwerk op de KABK 1987
Lead window by Janis Kounellis, 1987

In 1987 Jannis Kounellis (1936-2017) gave a masterclass at the Royal Academy of Art. For the duration of one week, students of the Fine Arts department were able to talk, think, work and create together with Kounellis. In addition to the experiences the students gained by working with Kounellis, the artist also left a piece of work at the academy. A lead window, conceptualized and made on-site in the former auditorium of the academy, which is now the ‘Large Photography studio’.

Kounellis venster 7 restauratie
Restoration window #7, Fred Stolker

After 33 years, the lead window was in need of a thorough renovation. The academy has sought advice from curator and advisor Lydia Beerkens and under the supervision of Ernst Bergmans (former head of the part-time departments Fine Art, Photography, Interior Architecture and Graphic Design at the KABK), the window was renovated by Stolker Glas from Nieuwegein and replaced in April 2020.

The Foundation has made an amount of € 10,000 available for the conservation of the lead window and artwork by Jannis Kounellis.

The students enjoy being at the academy. In times of increasing digitization and intensive use of social media, the need to be part of the KABK community and to be physically present at the academy remains strong.

Sitting sofas

The KABK buildings have a relatively large m2 of circulation area and - in addition to the space of the canteen - we are happy to offer students more opportunities to work and relax in various places in the building.

The foundation contributed an amount of € 10,000 for the interior.

KABK Graduation Awards 2019
KABK Graduation Awards 2019 - photo: Frederik Klanberg

In 2019, the Foundation made available the amount of € 11,500 for the academy's graduation awards.

  • Royal Academy Bachelor Award winner: Viktor Naumovski (Bachelor Photography)
  • Royal Academy Master Award winner: Jack Bardwell (Master Interior Architecture, INSIDE)
  • Thesis Bachelor Award winner: Risto Kujanpää (Bachelor Graphic Design)
  • Thesis Master Award winner: Laura Frias Munoz del Cerro (Master Interior Architecture, INSIDE)
  • Bachelor ArtScience Award winner: Sunna Svavarsdóttor
  • Bachelor Fine Arts Award winner: Daniele Formica
  • Bachelor Graphic Design Award winner: Louis Braddock Clarke
  • Bachelor Interactive/Media/Design Award winner: Diego Grandry
  • Bachelor Interior Architecture & Furniture Design Award winner: Pien Post
  • Bachelor Photography Award winner: Viktor Naumovski
  • Bachelor Textile & Fashion Award winner: Nina Dekker
  • Master ArtScience Award winner: Ana Oosting
  • Master Artistic Research Award winner: Lucy Cordes Engelman
  • Master Industrial Design Award winner: Johanna Günzl
  • Master Interior Architecture INSIDE Award winner: I-Chieh Liu
  • Master Non Linear Narrative Award winner: Jean Baptiste Castel
  • Master Type and Media Award winner: Ryan Bugden
KABK Graduation Awards 2018
KABK Graduation Awards 2018 - photo: Medina Rešić

The Foundation made available the amount of € 10,500 for the academy's graduation awards in 2018.

  • Royal Academy Bachelor Award winner: Janne Schipper (Bachelor Fine Arts)
  • Royal Academy Master Award winner: Koenraad de Groot (Master ArtScience)
  • Bachelor Thesis Award winner: Rachel Borovska (BA Interior Architecture & Furniture Design)
  • Master's Thesis Award winner: Valentino Russo (MA Artistic Research)
    • Bachelor ArtScience Award winnaar: June Yu
    • Bachelor Fine Arts Award winnaar: Janne Schipper
    • Bachelor Graphic Design Award winnaar: Taisiia Reshetnik
    • Bachelor Interactive/Media/Design Award winnaar: Natalia Papaeva
    • Bachelor Interior Architecture & Furniture Design Award winnaar: Kornelija Chaleckyte
    • Bachelor Photography Award winnaar: Joel Hunn
    • Bachelor Textile & Fashion Award winnaar: Joana Schneider
    • Master ArtScience Award winnaar: Koenraad de Groot
    • Master Artistic Research Award winnaar: Greta Desirée Facchinato
    • Master Interior Architecture INSIDE Award winnaar: Goda Verikaitė
    • Master Type and Media Award winnaar: Lisa Huang

From 17 to 22 April 2018, the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) presented work by alumni during the international furniture fair Salone del Mobile in Milan. More than 20 artists and designers showed their work under the title My practice, My politics .

The foundation made a contribution of € 40,000 for the participation of alumni of the KABK in the aforementioned fair in Milan.

Since 2008, the academy building on the Prinsessegracht has been enriched with a light sculpture by artist and alumnus Peter Struycken. Peter Struycken's work De Vlam (The Flame) is highly appreciated both inside and outside the academy. One of the considerations for having an image-defining artwork installed at this side of the building was the physical environment of the academy. Sky-high office buildings on the south side of the academy affect visibility. A prominent work of art such as De Vlam provides a direct landmark for the traveler from The Hague Central Station and distinguishes the academy building from its surroundings. Eurogenie made the work in consultation with the artist. The artwork was restored in 2016 with the old LED lamps replaced by new, more sustainable LED lighting, after which the restored work was completed in 2017.

The Foundation contributed an amount of € 28,314 to the restoration of De Vlam.

Lettering front building facade KABK building
Lettering design: Peter Verheul

The lettering on the front facade of the academy had become so damaged and worn off over the years, that in 2015 it was decided to renew it. Because of the positive reactions to the lettering on the backside, letter designer Peter Verheul was asked to carry out the design. The lettering on the front facade has become, as it were, a negative of the letters on the backside and is designed in the style of the Nieuwe Zakelijkheid, the architectural style of the KABK building on the Prinsessegracht. The lettering is made of two colors of aluminum with durable LED lighting behind it. In the elaboration of the design, the connection with the light artwork by Peter Struycken on this side of the building was taken into account. The name of the academy is displayed both in Dutch and in English.

The Foundation has co-financed the lettering on the front for an amount of €22,000.

Around 2012/2013, the KABK merged two buildings (a former discotheque and former retail building Carl Denig) with an existing part of the academy building at Bleijenburg. The buildings now house 3 master's programmes. In 2014, it was decided to apply clear facade lettering to make these new KABK buildings, "visible" from the Herengracht, and to make this side of the academy more accessible from the city center. Teacher and designer Peter Verheul developed a font for this assignment and translated it into a 3D letter design with lighting. The name of the academy has been applied in both Dutch and English because of the international character of its student population.

The Foundation has made € 26,378 available for this project.

About the Stichting tot Steun

The Stichting tot Steun of the Royal Academy of Art was established on 22 November 1994.

KvK nummer: 41158841
Vestigingsnummer: HRSD41158841
Fiscaal nummer of RSIN: 804871784

The Stichting tot Steun is located at Prinsessegracht 4, 2514 AN The Hague.

Below you will find the relevant information on the basis of which the ANBI status has been granted to the Foundation, such as the objective of our institution as described in the articles of association of the Foundation, the statutes, the board composition and the annual report including financial accountability.

The Foundation's statutory goal is to provide support to the Royal Academy of Art (KABK), by means of awarding prizes, by contributing to the maintenance of collections for educational purposes -including a library, by promoting participation in (international) exhibitions.

In practice, the Foundation mainly supports special projects that are not provided for by the regular education budget of the KABK. In addition, the Foundation contributes annually to a number of prizes to be awarded to final exam students of the KABK. The Foundation carries out its activities without any profit motive.

In principle, the Foundation meets once a year and then assesses requests for support submitted by the director of the Royal Academy of Art.

The Foundation is open to donations but does not conduct recruitment activities with the aim of increasing its assets. In this regard, the Foundation pursues the policy that only the gains of the assets are used for providing support. If there is no capital gain in any given year, any applications for support will not be honored.

The Foundation's assets are managed by ABN AMRO Bank N.V. (trading name ABN AMRO MeesPierson) on the basis of a free-hand management agreement containing a defensive investment profile.

The annual figures of the Foundation are audited annually by a chartered accountant. The profit and loss account 2020 can be downloaded here.

The Board of the Foundation consists of the following persons:

Mr. T. Cohen Jehoram (chairman)
Mrs. I. Rollema (treasurer/secretary)
Mr. G. Dumbar (member)
Mr. E.W.M. Rodrigo (member)
Mrs. L.W.N. de Blecourt (member)
Mrs. B.C. Hoffmann (member)

The administrator of the Foundation is Mr. G.W.A. Zanoni, employed at the University of the Arts The Hague.
The board members work unpaid. Board members are themselves entitled to reimbursement of reasonably incurred expenses, but in practice, this is hardly ever used.

For further information about the Foundation or questions you can send an email to

The Stichting tot Steun (a foundation) of the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) has been designated by the tax authorities as an " institution allocating to the general good’" (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling, ANBI).

Thanks to this ANBI status, tax, and financial benefits apply with regard to gifts and inheritance tax, corporate and income tax. For example, anyone – natural and legal persons - who donate to the Stichting tot Steun can deduct the donation from their Dutch income tax or corporate tax.

Stichting tot Steun van de KABK
Prinsessegracht 4 2514 AN Den Haag

Tax number (RSIN – Legal Entities & Partnerships Identification Number): 804871784