The Royal Academy of Art and the Royal Conservatoire together form the University of the Arts The Hague.

Organisational chart Royal Academy of Art, The Hague
Organisational chart Royal Academy of Art, The Hague


Director: Lizzy Kok, Lotte Sprengers, Maaike Roozenburg (interim directorship)
Deputy Director Education: Fenna Hup

Academy- and Management secretariat

For an appointment with the director or deputy director education please contact the office manager

General organisation

Head of Operations: Lizzy Kok
Head of Student Administration: Esther van Oosten
Head of Technical & Digital Services and Library: Bart Vissers
Head of ICT (University of the Arts): Dik van Rhijn
Head of Housing and Facility Services: Erik Mans
Head of Quality Assurance: Leo Capel
Head of Marketing and Communications: Meher Khan Muztar
Head of International Affairs: Aparajita Dutta
Controller/Head of Finance (University of the Arts): Gerard Zanoni
Head of Human Resources (University of the Arts): Brak Storms


The department heads are responsible for the educational programme of their department. Together they guard the quality of the education and make sure the contents of the programme stay up to date. The department heads are assisted by one or more coordinators and supervise a team of teachers.

The heads of the bachelor programmes are:

ArtScience: Taco Stolk
Fine Arts: Antoinette Vonder Mühll & Carl Johan Högberg
Graphic Design: Lauren Alexander and Chantal Hendriksen
Photography: Lotte Sprengers & John Fleetwood
Interactive Media Design: Janine Huizenga
Interior Architecture and Furniture Design: Herman Verkerk
Textile and Fashion: Sanne Jansen & Gerrit Uittenbogaard

The heads of the master programmes are:

ArtScience: Taco Stolk
Artistic Research: Janice McNab
Industrial Design: Maaike Roozenburg
Interior Architecture: Hans Venhuizen
Non Linear Narrative: Niels Schrader
Photography & Society: Shadman Shahid
Type and Media: Erik van Blokland

Lector Art Theory & Practice: Prof. Dr. Anke Haarmann
Lector Design: Prof. Dr. Alice Twemlow
Lector Film: Prof. Erik Viskil

Head preparatory courses Fine Art and Design: Zanne Zwart

Voice and participation

Information about the participation bodies can also be found on the website of the University of the Arts The Hague

Malcolm Wamunza (chair), student
Alper Çekinmez, student
Dominic Hughes, student
Yubin Jia, student
Channa Boon, teaching staff
Steef Eman, teaching staff
Hilde Barwegen, non-teaching staff
Co Knol, non-teaching staff

Steef Eman (vice-chair), KABK (TS)
Hilde Barwegen, KABK (NTS)
Anka Koziel (chair), KC (TS)
Dominy Clements (secretary), KC (NTS)
Kolja Meeuwsen, School for Young Talent (TS)
Dominic Hughes, student KABK
Malcolm Wamunza, student KABK
Sara de los Campos, student KC
vacancy, student KC

Lisa Walcott, secretary

Cecilia Bengtsson, (chair) teacher BA Fine Arts
Ella Oudhof (vice-chair), student BA Interactive/Media/Design
Akash Kumar, student MA Industrial Design
Alina Lupu, student MA Photography & Society
Artemis Xeniou, student BA Fine Arts
Asrafun Nahar Ruba, student MA Artistic Research
Clifford Vonk, student BA Graphic Design
Christian Kennecke, student BA Interior Architecture & Furniture Design
Daniela Rosca, teacher BA Photography
Görkem Yalim, teacher MA Artistic Research
Ingrid Costan, student BA Interactive/Media/Design
Laura Flethe, student Master Non Linear Narrative
Shanna Soh, teacher BA Textile & Fashion
Vlada Kavalchuk, student BA Interior Architecture & Furniture Design
Wouter van Wessel, student BA Photography

Meetings 2023-2024
Location: Gipsenzaal

  • 11 September 2023: 16.00-18:00
  • 23 October 2023: 16.00-18:00
  • 20 November 2023: 16.00-18:00
  • 18 December 2023: 16.00-18:00
  • 29 January 2024: 16.00-18:00
  • 11 March 2024: 16.00-18:00
  • 15 April 2024: 16.00-18:00
  • 24 April 2024: 16.00-18:00
  • 13 May 2024: 16.00-18:00
  • 10 June 2024: 16.00-18:00

The remit of the Study Programme committee (in Dutch: Opleidingscommissie) is to advise on the promotion and safeguarding of the quality of the programme. The Higher Education and Scientific Research Act (The Act) states that the study programme committee has the following tasks:

    • to issue advice on the Education and Examination Regulations and to consent to the parts of the Education and Examination Regulations regarding which the faculty council has no right to consent, before the faculty director finalizes the regulations;
    • to make an annual assessment of the application of the Education and Examination Regulations;
    • to provide solicited and unsolicited advice about all other matters pertaining to the education.
    The statutes of the Study Programme Committees of the University of the Arts The Hague can be found on the HdK website.

Examination Board 2023-2024

Lisa Walcott, secretary

Winnie Koekelbergh (chair)
Jacob Oostwoud Wijdenes (vice-chair)
Lauren Alexander (Head BA Graphic Design)
Yvonne Smeets (Teacher KonCon)
Ola Lanko (Tutor Photography)
Sanja Medic (Tutor Fine Arts)
Maaike Rozenburg (Head MA Industrial Design)