List of staff

Head of Master Industrial Design

Profile photo Maaike Roozenburg, Head of Master Industrial Design at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

Maaike Roozenburg

After graduating from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy Maaike Roozenburg founded Studio Maaike Roozenburg in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The studio initiates objects and products pivoting on the junction of design, heritage and emerging digital technologies with a focus on exploring how historical utensils and design can offer material for meaningful design for the present. Her products and projects deal with time, authenticity and identity. The studio collaborates with archaeologists, craftsmen, historians, technical engineers, programmers and philosophers and works for institutions such as museums, archives, heritage- and archaeological departments and universities. Maaike Roozenburg brings het professional practice and love for design education together in the Master Industrial Design.

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Programme coordinator

Zara Roelse

Core teaching team

Peter Bilak
Bas Froon
Eddo Hartmann
Cynthia Hathaway
Marcel den Hollander
Daan Koks
Heleen Klopper
Aliki van der Kruijs
Jeroen Kummer
Roos Meerman
Martijn van Strien
Alice Twemlow