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The Master Industrial Design (MID) at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) is a two-year full-time programme for designers who want to contribute to the world by developing meaningful and conscious products.

The programme unites the technical aspects of Industrial Design with its cultural meaning, societal significance and global impact. The focus of the programme is on translating a strong personal vision in applied design. Using artistic research, cultural consciousness and technical innovation in the industry as a basis to work from, the programme educates designers to become professionals who critically question, investigate and shape the industrial field with their designs. Their design products are the accumulation of design research, personal vision and artistic quality.

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Full-time 2 years

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Master of Arts




Professional Perspective

Master Industrial Design graduates develop a strong personal vision, acquire design skills and knowledge and learn to apply these directly in their design practice. Graduates can take on strategic roles, initiate and design new products or create new design approaches and thrive in multidisciplinary teams. Graduates can start their own design studio, work in design consultancies and manufacturing industries worldwide, or become design managers in global companies.

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