Want the Unwanted - Design for a Repair Society

Can designers evoke a desire for maintenance and repair?

During the second semester of 2019-2020, first-year students of the Master Industrial Design at the Royal Academy of Art the Hague, explored what role repair can play when designing objects. Material culture was at the core of their explorations: the connection between humans to material objects, the role these objects and their manufacturing play socially, culturally, economically and ecologically.

Initiated before the pandemic, the works were originally planned to be showcased at the KB Atelier at the KB, National Library of the Netherlands.

The online group exhibition 'Want the Unwanted' is an exploration of the theme 'Design for a Repair Society'.

Supported by designer Jesse Howard and curator Joanna van der Zanden (the Repair Manifesto) nine designers from the Master Industrial Design present their research, findings and designs.

The projects are grouped by current behavior towards existing waste and objects designed to evoke a desire for maintenance and repair.


Participating students of the Master Industrial Design :

Juilin Chang, Malin Dittmann, Arno Eiselt, Iris Hagel, Tin-An Erco Lai, Job Oort, Lucie Ponard, Nicolás Vischi and Louw Visscher.