The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) educates students to become independent and self-aware artists and designers with investigative mindsets and unique visual and conceptual abilities. They are able to produce authentic and in-depth creative work that advances their chosen disciplines and contributes to the wellbeing of society as a whole.


In our culturally diverse academy, the commitment, passion, and curiosity of our students and staff come together in a respectful and tolerant learning environment. Our intensive, structured and small-scale curriculum revolves around experimentation and personal guidance. We provide students with a significant degree of freedom to shape their interests and personal ambitions. We value skill and disciplinary expertise as well as interdisciplinary practice. We encourage innovation through collaboration and facilitate critical reflection on the ever-changing roles of artists and designers in our societies.

Our graduates have the capacity to become leaders in their fields, produce outstanding creative work, and dare to disturb. They are able to innovate, collaborate, and generate new knowledge. We inspire our students to question how art and design shape contemporary societies and contribute to cultural, economic, and social well-being in a global context.

We look outwards from the academy, interacting with the communities of The Hague, the Netherlands, and beyond, and aim to contribute to an inclusive debate on issues relevant to art, culture, and society.