KABK alumni at the Dutch Design Week 2018

Overview of selected presentations by KABK alumni and students during the 17th edition of the Dutch Design Week, 20-28 October 2018 in Eindhoven.

Manifestations 2018

DDW Manifestations shows technology from her most human side. Curator Viola van Alphen has selected works which show the exciting interaction between man and technology from different perspectives. With among others work by KABK alumni:

  • Alyster (Esther de Bruijn)(alumna Bachelor Interactive/Media/Design) - Peer to Peer
  • Diego Grandry (4th year student Bachelor Interactive/Media/Design) - HOME IN A BAG – Future Bags
  • John Wei Liang Hoek (alumnus Bachelor Graphic Design) - Airphone
  • Tessa Petrusa (alumna Master Industrial Design) - Responsive Tactility: 4D Printed Skins
  • Kay Pisarowitz (alumna Bachelor Graphic Design) - George.io
  • Taisiia Reshetnik (alumna Bachelor Graphic Design) - The Undesirables

Location: Veem - Floor 9, Strijp-S

Embassy of Circularity

The exhibition Exploring Circular Housing in the Embassy of Circularity examines together with approximately 35 exhibitors what it means to design and live in 2020 circular apartment buildings in the year 2020. With this embassy, Dutch Design Week is showcasing the power of circular design. With work by amongst others KABK alumnus

  • Bas Froon (alumnus Industrial Design) - DUDE: 'circular designed' espresso machine

Location: Klokgebouw - Hall 3, Strijp-S


KABK alumna Jasmijn Muskens is one of the young designers who participated in the most recent Baars & Bloemhoff's project entitled 'Transitions IV: The not so Flat Collection'. The results of the project will be presented within the four thematic trend worlds of the exhibition #TIMEISNOW curated by Floor Knaapen and Grietje Schepers. Baars & Bloemhoff together with Lex Pott, Tijs Gilde, Jasmijn Muskens, Daphna Laurens and Johan Moorman created a brand new furniture concept, with the aim of making high-quality, custom-made furniture accessible to a larger audience.

  • Jasmijn Muskens (alumna Interior Architecture & Furniture Design) - Transitions IV: The not so Flat Collection

Location: Broeinest, Strijp-S

HOW&WOW – Studio

Crafts Council Nederland presents the new maker's studio: the workspace as a gallery and as a lab, showing all diverse processes that take place, from experiments and prototypes to end-products, materials and inspiration boards.

The participants have been asked to to symbolically transfer their studio or workshop to VEEM, to work there and show their ‘making of’ to the visitors. With among others, KABK alumni:

  • Joana Schneider (alumna Bachelor Textile & Fashion 2018) - PLUIS
  • Christa van der Meer en Gino Anthonisse van das Leben am Haverkamp (alumni Bachelor Textile & Fashion) - HOW&WOW – cooperazione!

Location: Veem - Floor 2, Strijp-S

YA Present! Powered by BNO

BNO guides guides a group of recently graduated designers within a year-long programme called YA, which stands for young alumni. The latest group of young alumni will introduce themselves at Sectie-C in Club-C, Eindhoven’s design hotspot. With among others KABK alumni:

  • Janneke Derksen (Master Interior Architecture, INSIDE) - On the move
  • Carmen Dusmet Carasco (Bachelor Graphic Design) - Good News: A Future Memoir
  • Sarah Anne Rootert (Bachelor Interior Architecture & Furniture Design)
  • Rebeca Rui (Bachelor Graphic Design) - Manufacturing Habits
  • Laura Snijders (Bachelor Textile & Fashion) - That's not possible
  • Anna Nana WRS_THG (Bachelor Graphic Design) - Imagined Community

Together with recent graduates from design collective Zwart Frame, the group developed an extraordinary setting where they’ll exhibit their work. And during the daily evening sessions, the challenges that young designers are wrestling with will be revealed to the audience with a selection of special speakers.

Location: Sectie-C, Club C

Open Field

Open Field poster IAFD alumni DDW2018
Open Field expo poster

The Open Field emerged as an idea formed by a collective of alumni of the Interior Architecture and Furniture Design Department 2018 at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. It serves as an introduction platform where each designer, besides their own work, introduces their qualities and fascinations to the public. The collective does not necessarily speak with one voice, nor works as a collective challenging one unifying topic, however it respects and engages with each other’s otherness. Hence the meaning of the open field.

The collective comprises of Interior Architecture & Furniture Design alumni Rachel Borovska, Kornelija Chaleckyte, Daniel Kuiper, Anastasia Izotova, Konstantin Maksimov, Bagdat Sert, Maarten Slog, Manon Stoeltie, Luuk Wezenberg, who will present the exhibition Open Field under the supervision of Tatjana Quax (Studio Aandacht).

Location: De Kantine, Campina

Talent Platform - Creative Industries Fund NL

During the Dutch Design Week, the Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie presents the Talent Platform, a new online database for the best design talent of the moment. In 24 one-minute film portraits you will meet the new generation of designers and creators who were supported in 2018 by a Talent Development grant. With among others KABK alumni

  • Koos Breen (alumnus Graphic Design)
  • Lilian van Daal (alumna Industrial Design)
  • Yamuna Forzani (alumna Textile & Fashion)

Location: Veem - Floor 2, Strijp-S

DDW 2018 campaign

Alumna KABK Graphic Design Jamie de Rooij
Poster campaign DDW2018 by KABK Graphic Design Jamie de Rooij

Alumna KABK Graphic Design Jamie de Rooij was part of this year's DDW design campaign team. She translated the theme ‘If not us, then who?’ into a concept that refers to the butterfly effect; one small act can have a big impact in the future.

With this idea in mind, she developed a concept that is a call for action, plus a message people could relate to.



Sat 20 October 2018 11.00 - Sun 28 October 2018 18.00


DDW locations, i.a. Strijp-S, Campina, Sectie C

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