I/M/D student Diego Grandry Winner Young Talent Award 2018

25 October 2018

On Tuesday October 23, the Young Talent Award was presented to I/M/D student Diego Grandry. Diego Grandry wins the award together with his collaborative partners Marie Cantenys (central Saint Marins) and Sissel Tolaas for their concept design 'Home in a Bag'.

Home in a Bag

In the future, we will increasingly face global water shortages and problematic access to clean drinking water. The concept design Home in a Bag offers a solution for this human basic need. The handbag of the future filters urine and converts it into drinking water. With this bag, based on a stoma and integrated in the body, everyone can largely provide their own drinking water.

The prototype is now made of resin, but ultimately the water container and fasteners are made of 3D-printed body-friendly materials. Paradoxically, the designers wholeheartedly hope that their design never has to be put into production.

The Young Talent Award

The Young Talent Award is an initiative of Manifestations and is from the beginning a platform for young talented artists. This year, the talented artists show their (final exam) work in the Veem building, 9th floor. The jury of 2018 consists of Katja Lucas (program manager of the Dutch Design Week), Ton van Gool (director STRP festival), Jacques Gramser (director GBO), Ronald Ramakers (director GLOW).

More information about The Young Talent Award and Manifestations can be found here.