KABK students in Lucitopia Rural Design Challenge 2019 in China

22 May 2019

Two teams of 5 Interactive Media Design (I/M/D) students participate in Lucitopia Rural Design Challenge (LRDC) 2019 in China (Zixi Qinglianshan).

Together with eight other teams of design academies and universities from Paris, London, Cologne, Rome, St Petersburg, Singapore and Xiamen, the students compete to provide the most feasible, innovative and sustainable solutions, leading towards rural regeneration and redevelopment in Chinese rural areas.

LRDC 2019

The focus of the LRDC 2019 will be around the innovative use of natural and waste materials, derelict areas and spaces, the shaping of the ecoscape, renewable energy and wellness, taking ‘edibles’ as a main starting point, to provide integrated design solutions. These solutions can address immediate local needs but also much broader issues around the design of rural – urban interaction within a social, economic and cultural context. The process of sourcing, developing and testing is in Lucitopia, but the aim is to replicate and export the results to a wider region and more rural communities.

KABK participating students

KABK 2nd year I/M/D students Ella Hebendanz, Yegyeong Cha, Ines Delgado Rusli, Pamela Varela, Daan Jensen, Hannah Mulqueen, Leonardo Scarin, Kim Smit, Jung Hyun Kim, Mrinalini Singha are guided by I/M/D teacher Pawel Pokutycki.

About LRDC

The Lucitopia Rural Design Challenge (LRDC) gathers outstanding young design teams from around the globe, focusing on specific Chinese rural regions, to explore and research issues and needs from the perspective of community, environment, culture and economy. The design process is guided by experienced international tutors Andrew Bullen (Director Creative Cooperative Sarl) and Janine Huizenga (Head of I/M/D), using advanced design methodologies, professional know-how and technology.

The first LRDC was held successfully in Zixi Qingliangshan National Forest Park in May 2018, which marked, at the same time, the beginning of the Lucitopia development project.