Graduation project LIMB-O by Marlot Meyer at MU Eindhoven

15 September 2020

LIMB-O, the graduation project by Marlot Meyer (BA Interactive/Media/Design) will be presented in The Self Design Academy expo at MU Hybrid Art House in Eindhoven between 18 September and 22 November 2020. The Self Design Academy is a joint initiative of MU and Image Society, where 18 artists and designers together with the visitors investigate how we can define, understand and design ourselves. Inspired by Mieke Gerritzen’s upcoming book 'Help Your Self' about the ever-increasing popularity of the self-help industry, the exhibition focuses on the creative strategies and techniques we can develop ourselves, and how to share these with others.

More information and details about the program you will find on the MU website.

Project description

LIMB-O was created in the digital and physical world, yet exists in spaces of the physical installation, the body, the digital interface, and the continuous flow of data between these human and non-human participants.

Through the audience, the body, and the network’s participation, both online and offline, LIMB-O attempts to illustrate that one is continuously creating the other. Actions and reactions entangled in each other, communicating through live streaming platforms, microprocessors, valves, compressed air, tubes, touch sensors, inflatables, bodies, electrical impulses and the Internet.

The installation’s structure reflects the interconnectedness of the digital network and the physical world. But also reflects our internal network of vessels which carry oxygen, chemicals and electricity through our body. These structures are reflections of each other, and of the communication which constantly occurs on micro and macro scale.

Marlot Meyer is an Interactive Media Artist who creates works that fill spaces with performative content, interactive spaces and installations. She creates thresholds in space that act as both boundary and bridge: investigations of spaces in relation to the body, public and private, local and global, metaphysical and material. Working from her deep connection to her physical body, her works explore the redefinition of the ‘body’, and how this, combined with energy, and the mind, interacts with the world. This world could be physical, virtual, or the liminal space in between.

For her graduation project LIMB-O, Marlot Meyer received two prizes, namely the Heden Start Prize and the STROOM Encouragement Prize during the KABK Graduation Awards 2020