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The IA & FD program of the Bachelor Interior Architecture and Furniture Design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (KABK) covers the full breadth of the spatial domain by focusing on spatial conditions that determine how we experience our daily living environment.

We use the department as a research laboratory and in situ experimental space for interaction in the social field, in materials, in techniques and various forms of knowledge. We emphasize that the essence of design and design processes lies in the everyday, and is nourished by routines, exercises and tests. We don't see design as a control mechanism, but as a companion in developing environments that meet our desires and needs; for ourselves and society as a whole.

Learning by doing

Our educational philosophy is therefore: learning by doing. During the four years of the Bachelor you will develop skills, knowledge and competences through assignments that run parallel to professional design practice. In order to practice "learning by doing" you need courage and specific encouragement. We take an inquisitive look at design and architecture, and describe designs in terms such as provisional, temporary, prototypes, ephemeral, constructions of reality, as found, inventions, improvisation, surprise, the unforeseen, and the unfinished.




Full-time 4 years

Department Head

Herman Verkerk


Bachelor of Arts





Interior Architecture
Furniture Design

Choose a specialisation: Furniture Design or Interior Architecture

After the first year, you choose one of two specialisations - Interior Architecture or Furniture Design - while working in five domains: Studio, Media & Materials, Independent Practice, Professional Practice and Knowledge. During your studies you will develop an independent mentality, a critical design attitude and a strong empathetic capacity. By combining the scientific and knowledge-based part with a poetic, imaginative and narrative part, we seek to give students the opportunity to overcome or resist specific ingrained procedures and mechanisms that are part of permanent change in the service of capitalism. And we work with architecture and design professionals who teach with the experience from their practice, practical and theoretical. They guide the students on their way to an independent practice.

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Projects & Collaborations

Professional Perspective

As a graduate of the Bachelor Interior Architecture & Furniture Design you are a 'critical’ designer with a talent for spatial organisation combined with a keen ability to materialise with great tactility and sensibility. You’ve sharpened your ability to analyse (how things are put together) and developed an affinity to make things tangible. As one of our alumni you will find your place in a wide variety of activities in the professional fields of art, design and architecture.

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