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Experiment and investigation form the foundation of the Bachelor Interior Architecture & Furniture Design at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK). Our guiding didactic philosophy is ‘learning by doing’. You will develop skills, knowledge and competences by way of assignments that run parallel to the professional design practice.

After the first year, you will choose to specialise in either Interior Architecture or Furniture Design while working across five domains: Studio, Morphology, Media & Materials, Professional Practice Skills, and Knowledge. During your studies, you will develop an independent mentality, a reflective design attitude and empathetic capacity. You will leave the KABK as a versatile designer who can work in different contexts and with different dimensions.

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Full-time 4 years

Department Head

Herman Verkerk


Bachelor of Arts





Interior Architecture
Furniture Design

Professional Perspective

As a graduate of the Bachelor Interior Architecture & Furniture Design you are a 'critical’ designer with a talent for spatial organisation combined with a keen ability to materialise with great tactility and sensibility. You’ve sharpened your ability to analyse (how things are put together) and developed an affinity to make things tangible. As one of our alumni you will find your place in a wide variety of activities in the professional fields of art, design and architecture.

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