Admission requirements

General Requirements

  • High school diploma comparable to a Dutch vwo, havo or mbo 4 diploma. If you do not have the required diploma, but are able to prove - on the basis of an assessment authorised by the KABK - that you actually function at the desired level, you can also apply for admission.

  • Level of English: IELTS 6 or TOEFL 83-internet based test.

Specific Requirements

As part of the admission and selection procedure for the Bachelor Interior Architecture & Furniture Design programme, you will be asked to provide examples of earlier work (portfolio), and explain your motivation to study at the Interior Architecture & Furniture Design department of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK). You will be asked to prepare two assignments if invited for the entrance examination.

Advice on your application

In your portfolio, we would like to see relevant work of your own and/or commissioned work you have made. Make a selection and present the portfolio in an organised and structured way. We prefer work that has been made on your own initiative. This can be two-dimensional and/or three-dimensional work, but the work must show that you have spatial awareness

In your motivation letter answer the following questions:

  • What are the three most important reasons for you to become an interior or furniture designer?

  • And why would you choose to study at the KABK?

  1. Shelter (model and drawings).
    Design a shelter and make a model of it. Give diverse spatial and material impressions of the shelter (interior and exterior) in relation to its surroundings (context). 
    Convince us of your talent as a student Interior Architecture and/or Furniture Design. What is special about you and your work? Show all your sketches and (photographs of) models so we can see your work process. You can choose the techniques freely. Please note: a 3D model is required (if you send your assignments digitally, please take photographs of the model).

  2. Drawings, sketches to observation.
    Make a series of 10 drawings relating to the theme of ‘meeting/encountering’. Techniques and format are free of choice.


Non-EU/EEA candidates who require a VISA must have their full set of required documents (portfolio + admission day assignments) submitted by May 1st.

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