Last call for applications: part-time BA Photography programme

We are still accepting applications for the part-time Photography bachelor programme starting in September 2021. It only possible for EU/EEA* candidates to apply.

About the part-time BA Photography programme

The educational structure of our Bachelor Photography programme, allows us to offer the part-time variant also in four years. The content of the part-time programme is comparable to the full-time programme, but with a different organisational structure. Study load and intensity are comparable as well as the level of graduation.

Part-time classes take place two days a week. At the beginning of each year, you receive a year planner giving insights in all additional dates for workshops and such that you’ll need to block. Some classes are combined with full-time classes. There are one or two project or workshop weeks per year. The part-time course has fewer classes and requires more self-study than the full-time variant.

See the admission requirements for the BA Photography

*Residence permit arrangements required for non-EU/EEA candidates, can not be completed in time for starting the study in September.
Non-EU/EEA candidates are welcome to apply as of 1 October for the academic year 2022/2023.

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