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The Master Interior Architecture (INSIDE) at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) is a two-year programme that takes an interdisciplinary approach to the field of interior architecture. You will learn to think from the circular economy perspective by conducting research, mastering design processes, all in accordance with our ‘learning by doing’ motto.

By engaging with society and being aware of social, economic and technological changes, you will evolve into an entrepreneurial interior architect who is aware of the impact of good design on its immediate surroundings.

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Full-time 2 years

Department Head

Hans Venhuizen


Master of Arts




Professional perspective

Job opportunities completely relate to the personal preferences and skills of the student. Whether you proceed your career as an independent interior architect or in an architectural office, or if you start a researching or writing career in the field of spatial change design is up to you. You will however build up a broad network studying at INSIDE because we work with tutors working in the field of spatial change design and in particular in (interior) architecture.

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