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Head of Master Interior Architecture (INSIDE)

Profile photo Hans Venhuizen, Head of Master Interior Architecture INSIDE at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

Hans Venhuizen

Hans Venhuizen deals with the culture of spatial planning. Venhuizen advances a broad understanding of culture that encompasses cultural history, heritage, architecture and art, as well as the culture of the current residents of a region and the idiosyncrasy of a place. In his search for a more specific identity for cities and areas, Venhuizen links the worlds of culture and space to each other in different ways. In this, his focus is always on the culture of spatial planning itself, and the game is his most important instrument. The relation between playfulness and seriousness is a key feature in all of Venhuizen's projects. The game is capable of involving participants in an assignment on an equal basis. Moreover, it simplifies complex situations, reveals the wishes and interests of those involved, and provides pleasure in uncertain processes of change.

Short selection of projects: GAME URBANISM publication 2010, AUTONIA the culture of cars 2014-2015, LEGENDA Gesellschaft für exploratieve Landeskunde 2010-2015, GASTGASTGEBER Ruhr Area Germany 2010, THE MAKING OF concept development game for several clients 2001-2018, PARQUETRY LANDSCAPE Almere NL 2009, DES BEEMSTERS NL 2005-2010, DOING AS IF playground Hilversum NL 2006, AMPHIBIOUS LIVING competition/publication 2000

In 2016 Hans Venhuizen started a PhD research at the PhDArts institute (Leiden University/KABK). The title of the research is 'The Game of Continuity" and centres on the culture of spatial planning.


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Ledian Bregasi
Cocky Eek & Renske Maria van Dam
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Alexandra Landré
Pascal Lazarus - La Bonneterie
Wesley Leeman - Goldsmith Company
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Charlotte Martin - Woodstone Kugelblitz
Seyed Masoud Mosavizade
Claudio Saccucci - Studio Verter
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Thomas Thwaites
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