Erik Jutten

Practice tutor

Next to the theoretical development of the students and the design ‘on paper’ it is the ambition of the Master Interior Architecture (INSIDE) to stimulate the students as “entrepreneurs”. 

This is also the reason why INSIDE has chosen the motto “design for the changing world”. Students are asked to do research in the real world and to do tests on a 1 to 1 scale. Every semester INSIDE gives a public presentation of the projects in a real world context and on a one to one scale. To realize this, Erik Jutten works from the start until the end of the semester to develop the projects.

Erik Jutten graduated in 2004 from the Fine Art department of the Royal Academy in The Hague. In his graduation project Erik Jutten devoted himself to connecting students and developing their projects. A role he has since continued as initiator of and partner in diverse public space projects. Erik’s main activities surround ‘City in the Making‘ in Rotterdam.