Hans Venhuizen

Head of Master Interior Architecture INSIDE

Hans Venhuizen is Head of the Master Interior Architecture INSIDE. He leads the TRAVEL program and curates the SKILLS program.

Hans Venhuizen first studied Urban Planning at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, but switched to Architectural Design and Monumental Art at the School of the Arts Arnhem. In 1999 he set up Bureau Venhuizen, a project management and research bureau in the field of culture based planning. In search of a more specific identity for cities and areas, Hans links the worlds of culture and space to each other in different ways. His focus is always on the culture of spatial planning itself, and the game is his most important instrument.

He developed various games, including the Parquettry Landscape game, the debating game The Making Of and Life, the Game. Recent projects include Koningsas, a research for cultural/spatial projects in the Groningen-Assen region, and K*eiland, a research and design project in an urban regeneration area in Utrecht and Autonia about the culture of the car.

Short selection of projects: GAME URBANISM publication 2010, AUTONIA the culture of cars 2014-2015, LEGENDA Gesellschaft für exploratieve Landeskunde 2010-2015, GASTGASTGEBER Ruhr Area Germany 2010, THE MAKING OF concept development game for several clients 2001-2018, PARQUETRY LANDSCAPE Almere NL 2009, DES BEEMSTERS NL 2005-2010, DOING AS IF playground Hilversum NL 2006, AMPHIBIOUS LIVING competition/publication 2000

In 2016 Hans Venhuizen started a PhD research at the PhDArts institute (Leiden University/KABK). The title of the research is 'The Game of Continuity" and centres on the culture of spatial planning.

National and international excursions, symposiums, lectures, interviews and studio visits stimulate the observations of and research on phenomena in spatial design. Students gather impressions, and from that they allow particular phenomena to emerge. Phenomena are more than mere descriptions of a situation. A phenomenon can be anything that reveals the ‘truth’ of a situation: they are a tool to frame a situation and accompany the student during the process of designing a spatial change.

The SKILLS program is taught by various guest lecturers. This year the SKILLS program includes Gamification by Jeroen van Mastrigt, Presenting and Portfolio by Lucas Verweij, Modelling by Vincent de Rijk, Photography by Diewertje Komen, Research by Entering by Leeke Reinders, Tangible Spatial Interpretations by Erik Jutten and Thesis Graphic Design by Gert Dumbar.

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