Graduation Awards 2019

5 July 2019

The Graduation Awards 2019 ceremony was held on Friday 5 July, following the opening of the Graduation Festival by Pauline Krikke, Mayor of The Hague. 28 awards were presented to graduates of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) by Alice Twemlow, Lector Design at the KABK.

Graduation projects were on view from Friday 5 July through Thursday 11 July at the academy building in The Hague.

Next to the academy and department awards, a number of prizes were again made possible through collaborations with local and national partners. Thanks to Stroom Den Haag, Heden, Schuitema Stichting, Jan Roëde Stichting, Keep an Eye Foundation and the Stichting tot Steun. For the first time this year, Waag presented the Technology & Society award. With these awards the academy hopes to stimulate KABK graduates to kick-start their professional practice and career development.

Heden Start Award

Winner: Zahar Bondar, Bachelor Fine Arts

“With rough, hard, classical materials such as metal, concrete and plaster this graduate makes compositions that are light, floating and gracious. The theatrical setting of his work is attractive, but also evokes friction, as the figures seem to be doomed to live their lives in the spotlight.”

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Jan Roëde Award

Winner: Eliza Reszka, Bachelor Fine Arts
“This artist has changed her exhibition space into a visual journey that draws the visitor right in. The story of her 13-year-old self, suddenly having to leave her home country Poland is reflected in her drawings and cut outs.”

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Paul Schuitema Award

Winner: Tijs Struijk, Bachelor Interior Architecture & Furniture Design
“Working from, and testing in real life situations, as recorded in the rough footage of the events, Club Folk convinces one of the possibilities and the attraction of Tijs’ intervention. The start of something…”

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Honourable mention: Pien Kars, Bachelor Graphic Design
Honourable mention: Filippo Maria Ciriani, Bachelor Photography

Stroom Encouragement Award

Moe Kim, Bachelor Textile & Fashion
Christina Kordunian, Bachelor Graphic Design

"Kordunian werkt met spannende proposities en grote contrasten. Het levert fascinerende beelden op –cinematografisch, futuristisch, vervreemdend en herkenbaar tegelijkertijd. Op basis van de rijkdom in haar concept, haar vraagstelling en imaginaire vermogen voorziet de jury grote potentie voor verder onderzoek"
"Het werk van Moe Kim weet op een niet opdringerige manier ook grotere vragen op te roepen, zoals over de waarde van ambacht, technologische ontwikkeling en het invasieve karakter ervan op ons leven."

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Stroom KABK Invest

Zahar Bondar, Bachelor Fine Arts
Eliza Reszka, Bachelor Fine Arts
Alex Avgud, Bachelor Photography
Victoria Chaushyan, Bachelor Photography

Waag Technology & Society Award

Winner: Louis Braddock Clarke, Bachelor Graphic Design

“We greatly value the investigations of the artist and the way it makes eco-societal issues public by critically applying artistic technology. We encourage Louis to further this direction of urgent research.”

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Keep an Eye Textile & Fashion Award

Winner: Stella Kim, Bachelor Textile & Fashion

The award was handed out on Friday 14 June during the EXPOSED 2019

Academy Shop Award

Winner: Jamy Osinga, Bachelor Photography

Royal Academy Awards

with thanks to Stichting tot Steun

Royal Academy Bachelor Award

Winner: Viktor Naumovski

“Ambitious and highly skilled image-maker with a keen eye for contemporary visual language. Elements as identity and cultural reference, memory and imagination are key concepts in his investigation. Viktor's work is both personal and political and holds ground in commercial, autonomous and experimental photography and film.”

Royal Academy Master Award

Winner: Jack Bardwell, Master Interior Architecture, INSIDE

“Jack brings critique in an engaging way, reflecting on the pressures of the outside world on the educational system, making us look in.”

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Thesis Bachelor Award

Winner: Risto Kujanpää, Bachelor Graphic Design

Thesis Master Award

Winner: Laura Frias Munoz del Cerro, Master Interior Architecture, INSIDE

Read the jury report on the Thesis Awards

Bachelor Departments Awards - nominees & winners

Jesus Iglesias Galvan
Ekaterina Ostraya
Sunna Svavarsdótto

Winner: Sunna Svavarsdóttor

Daniele Formica
Jan Dirk Adams
Sophie Wester

Winner: Daniele Formica

Louis Braddock Clarke
Risto Kujanpää
Khrystyna Kordunian

Winner: Louis Braddock Clarke

Diego Grandry
Alina Bohm
Rambhasiri (Proud) Devakula

Winner: Diego Grandry

Pien Post
Erik van Schaften
Charlotte de Goey

Winner: Pien Post

Viktor Naumovski
Filippo Ciriani
Tibor Dieters

Winner: Viktor Naumovski

Stella Kim
Nina Dekker
Lina Lau

Winner: Nina Dekker

Master Departments Awards - nominees & winners

Zoë d'Hont
Lauren Howells-Green
Ana Oosting

Winner: Ana Oosting

Lucy Cordes Engelman
Mel Chan
Helena Sanders

Winner: Lucy Cordes Engelman

Johanna Günzl
Daphne Storij
Marsha Wichers

Winner: Johanna Günzl

I-Chieh Liu
Jack Bardwell
Laura Frías Muñoz del Cerro

Winner: I-Chieh Liu

Jean Baptiste Castel
Emma Verhoeven
Corinna Canali

Winner: Jean Baptiste Castel

Ryan Bugden
Joona Louhi

Winner: Ryan Bugden

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