Reviving Type by Nóra Békés and Céline Hurka in AtypI conference, Tokyo

10 September 2019

Two recent KABK Graphic Design graduates Nóra Békés and Céline Hurka presented their freshly printed book at the AtypI conference in Tokyo. Reviving Type is a fantastic book giving an insight into archives, type design and the process of two revival typefaces. What started as a small school assignment turned into 160 pages full of tips, process, in-depth research and beautifully detailed visuals.

Reviving Type is a book by Céline Hurka and Nóra Békés, with a foreword by Frank E. Blokland . Two studies, that started as a university course assignment and developed into an independent design-research, are woven together into one volume: one about the Renaissance letters of Garamont and Granjon, the other about the Baroque types of Nicholas Kis.

The publication guides the reader from finding original sources in archives, through historical investigation and design process to the finished typeface. The first part of the book provides insight into historical changes in type design through hands-on examples with theoretical background. The second part gives a thorough explanation of the production process of the revival typefaces. Here two different approaches are placed side by side, creating a conversation piece about possible working methods in type design.

Design decisions, technical details and difficulties of the process are thoroughly discussed. Rich imagery of original archival material and technical illustrations explain the texts visually. Altogether, the publication becomes a ‘cookbook’ for anyone, who would like to dive into revival type design.

Nóra Békés (Pécs, 1989) grew up in Hungary, and moved to the Netherlands to study graphic design at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK). Since her graduation in July 2018 she works as an independent designer based in Rotterdam. Her practice focuses on the intersection of type design, typography and visual story telling. Her main interest lies at the research of archives and their contemporary interpretations.

Céline Hurka (Karlsruhe, 1995) grew up in Southern Germany and moved to the Netherlands to study graphic design at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague. She graduated with a BFA in the summer of 2019 and will be part of the Type and Media class of 19/20. Besides her studies she works on freelance projects in the cultural field, where she combines an interest in editorial design with emphasis on type design and photography.