Graphic Design alumna Chris Kore wins 2nd prize Niio x AI Art Prize 2019/20

6 April 2020

Congratulations to our KABK Graphic Design alumna Chris Kore, winner of the 2nd prize Niio x AI Art Prize 2019/20 with her 2019 graduation project Almnesia.

The artworks in this competition were created using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms or were directly associated with the subject “Beauty in the eyes of machines” as a main concept/inspiration.


The AImnesia project focuses on the concept of human hybrid memory, which can be augmented, influenced, and modified by AI. Today, artificial neural networks play an unseen but crucial role in our digital ecosystem by defining and recommending what should be seen, listened to, and read.

AImnesia is an absurd video art piece about AI memory recreation made by using a pre-trained BigGAN model, the Ganbreeder app, and a reverse Google image search. With her work, Chris Kore intends to prompt a discussion of evolving algorithms that can be trained on our online photos and can fill in memory gaps by creating fake memories that are plausible enough to be perceived as real.

In 2019 ‘AImnesia’ project won the Stroom Encouragement Award. Later, it was nominated and won The Icarus Award 2019 that was awarded by the Dutch national platform for Digitalisation (ECP) during the Jaarcongres ECP. ⁣⁣