KABK Research Lab 'cinema as a dream' in Eye on Art

In collaboration with Eye Filmmuseum, students from different art academies and universities become guest curators of a film programme presented in the museum's Eye on Art programme.

KABK students have curated a thematic programme of an hour, centred around the theme of 'cinema as a dream', including works they made during their 1st semester research lab, combined with (fragments of) films from Eye's collection.

cinema as a dream

Dreams are a way of looking into the subconscious mind. Filmmakers like Dali, Buñuel, Gioli and Burroughs explored the theme of dreams for many years, opening up new frontiers by pioneering the genre of surrealism.

Their work was our starting point to investigate the contemporary theme of dreams. Each film explores this through the unique approach of the filmmakers. We embrace the absurdity of dreams to translate them into an experimental and nonlinear structure in the film language.

We employed different kinds of styles, perspectives, and backgrounds of inspiration: our international group of 20 filmmakers consist of students from fine arts, graphic design, photography, interactive media design, interior architecture and art science. Dreams open the door to subconscious perception and we now invite you to step into a different dream state.

Participating students

Anna Charalampidi, Alexandra Dalavagka, Caspar von Eugen, Ella Hebendanz, Mirka Kachrimanidou, Anastasia Kiseleva, Ruby Lee, Mischa Lind, Jinzi Liu, Arina Livadari, Violet Luu, Nikolas Magkriotis, Maarten Meij, Karolina Pärnänen, Sean Sandoval, Miltos Sotiropoulos Sklavounos, Thora Thøgersen, Alice West, Ellen Wittkampf.

KABK research labs

The Research labs are offered as part of the Individual Study Track (IST) at the KABK and are experimental and research based interdisciplinary working groups, offered by one or more departments and/ or research domains. In the labs, the research orientation of the programs is further explored and deepened by encouraging students to work together on particular themes with students and teachers from other disciplines.

Eye on Art

Eye on Art is a programme on the intersection between film and other arts. Eye on Art keeps up with current events, with presentations on contemporary artists and programmes that coincide with important exhibitions, manifestations and Eye activities.

Eye on Art also focuses on experimental work by the new generation of makers and creators Researchlabs and the rich and animated history of the avant-garde film (Masters of the Avantgarde).



Sat 2 March 2019 17.15 - 18:15


Cinema 4
EYE Filmmuseum

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