Another brick in the wall?

The symposium ‘Another brick in the wall?’ takes place on Wednesday 13 September between 11:00-13:00 and marks the start of a research lab, which takes shape through a unique partnership between the KABK, the Creative Industries Fund NL, and the Dutch Study Center for Technology Trends (STT). In this research lab and in the context of the STT-project ‘Altijd bij de les’, students from all disciplines are invited to create future visions of our learning process.

About the symposium

Guest speakers are Kimberley van Uden, Head Education MU, Karien Vermeulen, Head of the Creative Learning Lab Waag and Selena Savic of the Institute of Architectural Sciences in Wenen. Dhoya Snijders, project leader STT, will explain more about the project ‘Altijd bij de les’.
Language: English
Free entrance, no registration needed.

Guest lectures, field trips and workshops

The first class of the Research Lab starts on Wednesday 20 September. Our partners will organise field trips and provide access to professional artists, researchers and technology companies who work in the field of working in the fields of neurology, artificial intelligence, interactive gaming, robotics and EduTech.

Results will be shared during the design process with each other and with collaborating designers and scientists. Together we will be working towards an presentation in December 2017 and an exhibition for the broader audience in June 2018.



Wed 13 September 2017 11.00 - 13:00


Auditorium KABK Prinsessegracht 4 Den Haag

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