The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) strives after an international learning environment for its students. This is accomplished by means of creating an international atmosphere within the academy and by stimulating international learning trajectories in the form of internships abroad.

Internships have a minimum duration of two months. For information about internship opportunities abroad you should contact the internship coordinator of your department.

Doing an internship abroad with a grant or scholarship

If the organisation you wish to apply to for an internship period is in Europe, you may apply for the Erasmus+ grant. If the organisation is outside the European Economic Area (EEA) you may apply for the NL Scholarship.

The Erasmus+ grant is meant for KABK students who wish to do an internship within one of the EEA countries.

Read carefully the Erasmus Student Charter with information on regulations before, during and after your mobility period.

For all students (EU and non-EU) the deadline is three weeks before the start of their internship.

Selection criteria

  • The International Office of the KABK selects students who wish to apply for the Erasmus+ grant, based on their motivation letter and grades. Head(s) of the departments can provide advice on the decision.
  • Applications for grants by students who go on exchange (study or internship) to their home country are assessed with a low priority. Grants will be awarded if there is remaining budget available.
  • Applications for grants by students who are doing an internship after graduation will also be assessed with a low priority. Grants will be awarded if there is remaining budget available.

Erasmus+ grant application deadline

Deadlines to hand in your application at the International office of the KABK for an internship abroad with an Erasmus+ grant:

  • 15 June for an internship period abroad during the 1st semester
  • 10 December for an internship period abroad during the 2nd semester

The NL Scholarship is a scholarship made available by the Dutch Ministry of Education Culture and Science together with Dutch research universities and universities of applied sciences. It is meant for students who want to study, do research or an internship outside the European Economic Area (EEA). The EEA consists of the EU countries and Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

The NL Scholarship is available for students of the KABK who want to study or do an internship outside of the EEA. You cannot apply for the scholarship after your graduation.

Scholarship amount

The scholarship amounts to a one-off payment of €2,500 and is meant as a contribution towards your study expenses.

Selection criteria

  • You are following a full-time programme at the KABK
  • You will use the scholarship for studying, doing research or an internship with a minimum duration of seven weeks and a minimum of 10 ECTS
  • Your study or internship will take place in a country outside the EEA
  • Heads of departments nominate the students. The final selection is made by the International Office based on the motivation letter and grades of each student.

NL Scholarship application deadline

  • 1 May (for the following academic year)

If you are already studying at the KABK and want information about the application procedure of studying or doing an internship abroad, you can contact our international exchange office at

You will find the application procedure and forms for a study or internship abroad on the KABK portal.