Studieprofiel Bachelor Grafisch Ontwerpen

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The Bachelor Graphic Design equips you to become a critical thinker and versatile practitioner who can develop outstanding concepts for visual communication. At the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) we encourage students to ask questions about the social responsibilities of a contemporary designer, tackle challenges posed by the rapidly evolving new-media landscape, and seek answers to the problems of tomorrow.

The programme is built around the main subjects of Design, Interaction, Image, Coding and Typography, and numerous electives including Design Inquiry Group, Letterstudio, Moving Image and Design Office. Our department is internationally known for its high level of education, its investigative and conceptual teaching approach, and excellence in the fields of typeface design and typography.

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4 jaar voltijd


Bachelor of Arts




Graphic Design op social media

Professional Perspective

The Graphic Design department educates students to become critical thinkers and versatile practitioners who develop outstanding concepts for visual communication. Graduates excel in their professional careers through their extraordinary conceptual and visual abilities, extensive knowledge of the profession and the world, strong technological curiosity and highly developed social engagement.

Our graduates practise their profession in numerous ways, from independent work to small studios and large agencies with dozens of employees. Many businesses employ in-house graphic designers, such as museums, architectural firms, software companies, publishers and media houses. The clientele is just as diverse, from private individuals to public institutions, corporate giants to state organisations, and local beauty salons to international broadcasting stations.

Projects, field trips & exhibitions