Berlin Graphic Design trip first year students 2023

30 september 2023

Commencing the first years students’ graphic design study journey, we kicked off with an a trip to Berlin. This excursion not only provided an opportunity for students to acquaint themselves with their fellow peers, mentors, and department; this journey allowed us to explore sites, experience the city's contemporary art scene, important museums and galleries and engage with local graphic design practices. These experiences served to deepen the understanding of art history, curation, exhibitions and its profound connection to graphic design.

During our time in Berlin, our itinerary was brimming with captivating destinations. We ventured to the König Galerie housed within the brutalist Saint Agnes Church, savored the local atmosphere at a traditional biergarten, explored the Hamburger Bahnhof Museum featuring remarkable exhibitions by artists like Eva Fàbregas and Christina Quarles, and spend lunch time in Tiergarten Park for informal introductions. Under the expert guidance of philosophy tutor and art historian Maarten Cornel we passed by iconic landmarks such as the Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust Monument, and the Memorial to May 10th, 1933 Nazi Book Burning.

We are grateful to the studios that welcomed us into their workspaces, offering inspiring presentations. These included encounters with Luc(as) de Groot (LucasFonts), the Double Standards Agency, Mei Lu from Migrant Bird Space, Stefan Gandl from Neubau Berlin, and Na Kim at LOOM. In addition we visited bookshops and galleries and met KABK Graphic Design alumni Karoliina Pärnänen and Lisa Dieterle at their exhibition opening at Eight Gallery, and perhaps even indulged in a bit of dancing on some memorable evenings.

This Berlin expedition was an unforgettable chapter in our academic pursuit, a source of inspiration, and a catalyst for our creative growth.

Guiding tutors:

Rob vd Nieuwenhuizen (Year Lead & tutor Typography)
Guido de Boer (tutor Letters)
Maarten Cornel (tutor Philosophy)
Vanessa Lambrecht (advisor & tutor PPS)
Chantal Hendriksen (Co-head)
Ingrid Grunwald (Coordinator)
Marit van der Meulen (Coordinator & organization Berlin trip)