INSIDE magazine #8

3 juli 2017

In the academic year 2016-2017, the overall theme of the course at Master Interior Architecture (INSIDE) was PARTICIPATE!

All over the world people are striving to participate. To grow beyond just doing their job and to become an active part of the world. People want to participate more in how this world is shaped and how decisions are taken.

Through the explosion of social media, more people than ever before are in direct contact with each other causing loads of information being spread and tons of opinions shared. Through that, hierarchies have become more visible and vulnerable causing some to open up more and others to strive for more control. But in the end all decision making at all scales starts with the ability to have a good conversation.

Read in the INSIDE Magazine #8 all about how INSIDE students researched this topic through their projects:

First years students studied through projects in an abandoned military compound near Arnhem, in all kind of workspaces spread over the city of The Hague, in an architectural/theatrical installation in Gent, in an empty fortress South of Rotterdam and the soon to be decommissioned American Embassy building in The Hague.

The second semester was dedicated to researching and designing the relationship between space and decision making. It started with an ‘entscheidungslabor’ in the Goethe-Institut, based in Rotterdam, and ended with a presentation at the State of Design fair in Berlin.

INSIDE Graduation projects 2016-17

Projects of Master Interior Architecture (INSIDE) 2016-17 graduates Isadora Davide, Minjung Kang, Klodiana Millona, Makiko Morinaga, Arvand Pourabbasi, Mila Tesic.