Master INSIDE at the State of Design Festival in Berlin

5 juni 2017

Students of the Master Interior Architecture (INSIDE) presented the decision-making laboratory or Entscheidungslabor 'Let’s Decide' including a workshop, projections, and presentations.


The Decision-Making Laboratory or Entscheidungslabor was born from the observation that more and more people want to enter the public debate on current issues in Western society, and the assumption that all decision making starts with the ability to have a good conversation.

Students from the Master Interior Architecture (INSIDE) at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, took on the challenge to develop spaces that would better suit future demands that come with decision making.

INSIDE at the State of Design Festival in Berlin
Photography: Sander van Wettum

One of these ‘decision devices’, which are created in close collaboration with leading architectural and design studio’s such as Refunc, Superuse, and the world famous MVRDV, is the decision-making laboratory or Entscheidungslabor, where participants can experience the influence which the design of a space and of the debate can have on the character of decision making.

In March a first decision-making laboratory was created during the Rotterdam museumnight at the local Goethe Institute. Visitors were invited to take decisions about current issues in German society, and to experience the way in which the space and debate influenced the process of decision making. At the festival, a brand new installation will be built that sets itself the same aim. Under the motto ’Let’s Decide’, it will come with a workshop, projections, and presentations.

INSIDE students that participate in Let’s Decide are:
Yuan-Chun (Cam) Liu, Dylana Kim, Eva González, Farah Zamri, Goda Verikaite, I-Chieh Liu, Jaja Puapoomcharoen, Janneke Derksen, Jinaa Baek, Joe Basset, Shinyoung Kang, Vittoria Colangelo, Yu-Chin Ku and Zara Bennett.

Other collaborators in the project include:
Mauricio Freyre (SKILLS workshop Film Narratives); REFUNC / Denis Oudendijk (Design tutor laboratory space); MVRDV / Aser Gimenez Ortega and Mick van Gemert (STUDIO tutors); Anne Hoogewoning (THEORY programme); SUPERUSE STUDIOS / Lizanne Dirkx (FLOWS programme); CLOUDCOLLECTIVE / Gerjan Streng (SKILLS workshop datavisualisation), Lucas Verweij (SKILLS workshop presentation and PANIC week tutor); Gert Dumbar (SKILLS workshop graphic design); INSIDE STAFF Lotte van den Berg (coordinator); Erik Jutten (STUDIO practice tutor), Hans Venhuizen (Head of INSIDE), Tim Devos, Jacob Voorthuis, XML architecten, and Anne-Karin ten Bosch.

This workshop has also been made possible with the help of the Goethe Institute Rotterdam.