New York Textile Month featuring KABK Textile & Fashion BA

5 oktober 2020

Proud to announce that KABK Textile alumni have been featured in this year's New York Textile Month, a multiple-location event, initiated by Lidewij Edelkoort to celebrate textile creativity and promote textile awareness, placing our Textile & Fashion department among the leading International Textile Educational Institutes.

Talking Textiles conference

Next to the exhibitions, workshops, panels and talks, New York Textile Month event hosts the annual Talking Textiles conference with presentations by international speakers and the Dorothy Waxman Textile Design Prize finalists.

Dorothy Waxman Textile Design Prize special mention to Min Gweon

Alumna Min Gweon (Textile 2019) was among the finalists of the Dorothy Waxman Textile Design Prize and received a special mention for her project 'Follies, and Yet We Still Go On'. In the following video, Min presents her project during the Talking Textile conference.

Talking Textiles magazine

Talking Textiles #5 featuring KABK alumni
Talking Textiles #5 featuring KABK alumni

The annual Talking Textiles Conference includes a complimentary copy of the latest issue of Talking Textiles magazine.

The fifth issue of Talking Textiles magazine is dedicated to the Great Generation of 2020. Divided into emerging trends and filled with work by global graduates from international design institutions, this is possibly the most expansive gathering of contemporary textile talent ever!

Featuring among others, KABK alumni Inge Vaandering (Fashion 2020), Max Willebrand Westin, Stella Kim (Textile 2019) Min Gweon, Hannakin Henriksson (Fashion 2020) and Haily Kim (Fashion 2020).