The Studium Generale continues in the academic year 2021-22 with another two cycles of Wxtch Craft sessions.

Wxtch Craft Fall Cycle 21/22:
Your Name is Medicine Over my Kin – (tr)ancestral wisdoms and earth crafting

In the Fall, line with the season, will be all about stone-work, divination practices, writing with the dead, dancing with the dark, indigenating ancient cults and working with the chiaro-oscuro of communicating with our (tr)ancestors, also in the sense of trans (shapeshifting) and trance (shamanism).

Wxtch Craft Spring Cycle 21/22:
(Tr)ancestral body wisdom for a more-than-human Sex Magick

The fourth and final cycle of Wxtch Craft by invoking a joyfully militant image: two figures carrying an abundance of gifts and dancing between four magic wands that seem to bless a fertile ground.