KABK students win prize for Best Curated Programme at EYE’s Researchlabs

16 juni 2021

Eye's Researchlabs provide scope for a new generation of curators and artists to hone their skills. Students from different art academies and universities are asked to put together a programme featuring their own work and films from Eye’s collection.

Each year, KABK students can join the Researchlabs at EYE by participating in the IST Lab organized by KABK tutors Anna Abrahams & Jan Frederik Groot.

Winners Best Curated programme

The KABK film programme FLUX was screened during a 1-day festival at EYE on 12 June, 2021.

Not only did KABK students win the prize for Best Curated Programme, but also one of the students, Jemima de Jonge, received a special mention for her work.

Congratulations to all IST Lab participating students!


Starting point and inspiration of this year’s IST Lab of the KABK was the improvised world of early Mad Max movies. A world that implies an attitude of Nomad Thinking: traveling light, improvising, moveable, flexible, using what you find.

The Lab’s theme gravitates around the research question of how an artist can achieve a state of independence using strategies of adaptation and Nomad Thinking; applying tactics to ignore institutions but instead work around these fossilized structures.

During the Lab we tried to avoid dwelling too long on high-minded debates on Art and Culture. Instead, we hope to prepare a new generation of artists for the dark forecasts that predict an unstable future. The Lab functions as a toolkit to survive the rough crossing that lies ahead of us.

FLUX Film programme

IST lab: FLUX @ EYE Researchlabs (part 1)
Bora Şekerci, Emily Rooney - Lina Selg, Madelon ter Borg, Dion Bierdrager

IST lab: FLUX @ EYE Researchlabs (part 2)
Sabi Nicholson, Jemima de Jonge, Amfo Amfo-Akonnor

IST lab: FLUX @ EYE Researchlabs (part 3)
Ben Maier - Emma Grima, Paulina Trzeciak, Lui Wolstencroft

+ Performance LUzaCult during the event

Participating KABK IST Lab students

Amfo Amfo-Akonnor
Madelon ter Borg
Dion Bierdrager
Lulu van Dijck
Emma Grima
Jemima de Jonge
Ben Maier
Sabi Nicholson
Emily Rooney
Leonardo Scarin
Lina Selg
Bora Şekerci
Paulina Trzeciak
Lui Wolstencroft

Congratulations all!

KABK students win Best Curated programme at EYE's Researchlab
photo: Tibor Dieters