Mijke van der Drift

Media Theory Lab

Mijke van der Drift is tutoring the Media Theory Lab in the Master Non Linear Narrative at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague.

Mijke van der Drift obtained a PhD in Philosophy and Cultural Studies from Goldsmiths, University of London and has studied previously at the School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam. Mijke is working on a book titled Nonnormative Ethics: the dynamic of transformation, which investigates transformative justice in gender and coloniality.

Mijke van der Drift works on ethics and transformative justice. Currently, Mijke has various writing and artistic projects in the fields of transfeminism, extractivism, and anti-colonial ethics and epistemologies. Mijke lectures at the Royal College of Art, London, the School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam, and Non Linear Narrative (NLN) at the KABK. Recent articles have appeared in the Journal of Speculative Philosophy, Journal for Politics, Gender, and Culture, and book chapters with Cambridge UP and Routledge. Alongside philosophy, Mijke works on performance, dance, and community theatre.

Mijke has been working at NLN since 2018 as tutor of the Media Theory Lab, as well as thesis and graduation supervisor. From 2021 Mijke will also be taking on the role of class coach for NLN2.

About the course Media Theory Lab

Media Theory Lab provides a space to think through theory situated in practices, social conditions, and media environments. Media Theoretical approaches allow for questioning and reimagining structures of communication, social imaginaries, social pressures, and structures of encapsulation of life. In class we work through a variety of texts by means of close readings, discussion, and collaborative interpretations. Engaging with texts is practical, social, creative, and relies on communication and translation across contexts – these aspects are competencies that underlie the work with media theory.