Michiel Pijpe

Docent ArtScience Interfaculty

Michiel Pijpe graduated with distinction in 2005 at the Interfaculty Image and Sound (now Interfaculty ArtScience), and studied narrative techniques and style procedures for film at the University of Leiden (2002-2004).

Afterwards, he briefly studied at the Dutch Art Institute (MA) in Enschede. Within the context of the curriculum of the former interfaculty his athletic background led to his development as a performance artist in 2001, specializing in visual art performances in various productions and coproductions. The correlation between play and technology is an ongoing experiment and is generally applied in the theatrical works of Pijpe: the results are minimalist but visually rich solo performances that can be characterized as both formal as well as expressive.

In recent years his work within performance and theatre has come to include the development of ideas for scenography and lighting setups for theatre and opera productions.

Apart from his stage work, Michiel Pijpe has been working on an ongoing project involving liquid experiments for film wich he started in 2003. After many years of experimentation and research he is now working with methods and techniques for a higher and more detailed control of chemicals, light and optics. He is continuously refining these techniques which resemble the traditional methods of 18th century painting combined with current technologies translated into innovative printing techniques.