Bente van Bourgondiën


Bente van Bourgondiën is teaching Coding to bachelor students at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK).

Bente van Bourgondien is a software developer with a strong technical background. Originally a mainframe programmer, she developed her skills as the internet grew bigger and bigger. From db2 to mysql, from PL/1 to php, from compiled to interpreted, from backend to frontend, from javascript (and actionscript) to es6.

She likes to combine her software skills with hardware inputs and outputs like touchscreens, dance pads, rfid readers and heartbeat sensors. Currently she focusses on creating interactive and connected installations. Most of her work is developed for an educational or cultural environment, like museums and exhibitions. She is teaching coding at KABK since 2016, at both Graphic Design and I/M/D departments.