Hieronder vindt u een overzicht van onze alumni per jaar:

Afstudeerprojecten MA Interior Architecture 2020

Devina Amelia | Michael Barchini | Natali Blugerman | Aušra Česnauskytė | Mary Farwy | Sebastian Koukkides | Davida Rauch | Shripal Shah | Samantha Vosse | Keyi Xiang

INSIDE Graduation theme 2019:

There is a wall that exists that is not always acknowledged. It separates the actor from the audience, the tourist from the local, education from its context, the city from the citizen, the old shopping mall from its new possibilities, the homeless from the homed, the city from its memories, the school from its students, the spatial condition from the human body, legacy from contemporary needs.

Nine graduates from the Master Interior Architecture (INSIDE) at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, position themselves between these distinctions and ask what lies Beyond the Fourth Wall?

Jack Bardwell | Laura Frías Muñoz del Cerro | Lotti Gostic | I-Chieh Liu | Hande Öğün | Adriel Quiroz Silva | Daniele Valentino | Huaxin Zhang

David Arjuna Benz | Hegiasri Karlina Hutaries Cahyoko | Camilla Casiccia | Elena Sara Conrad | Anique Marisya van Helden | Hee Jung Kim | Sisi Li | Helan Miao | Yuiko Yokota

Zacharias Antoniades | Junyuan Chen | Emilija Juodite | Elide Mozzorecchi

Klinphaka Keawcharoen (Thailand) | Qing Liao (China) | Ni Nan (China) | Joanne Smith (Scotland) | Roy Yin (China) | Guan Yuting (China)

Minsun Kim (South Korea) | Wei Hsun Chen (South Korea) | Photini Mermyga (Greece)