Studium Generale - Tabita Rezaire with Camille Barton

Lineages Vortex

Guest: Tabita Rezaire
Camille Barton

Pre-read/watch/listen material

Watch: a sunrise/ sunset

Listen: to your fears

Smell: different flowers and find the one that soothes you.

Taste: a food that your ancestors ate (learn to make it if you can)

Feed: the soil

Observe: ants or any other insects for some time

Read: Souffles by Birago Diop

Ask: your parents about your birth (if available)

Speak: to your ancestors

We will travel through lineages.
Cosmic lineages
Elemental lineages
Womb lineages
We will dance through lineages
We will celebrate, we will mourn, we will share, we will hold each other as we descend into the land of entanglements.
As we dive, messages may reach, memories may flicker, ancestors may gather, ready to guide us into where we need to go/be/bloom.
And we will listen
To the songs
To the signs
To the sighs
We will travel through lineages.


Tabita Rezaire
photo courtesy of Tabita Rezaire

Tabita Rezaire is infinity longing to experience itself. As an eternal seeker, her path as an artist, devotee, yogi, doula, and farmer apprentice weaves healing arts and scientific systems through connections to the land, the ancestors, the songs.

Her cross-dimensional practices envision network sciences - organic, electronic and spiritual - as healing technologies to serve the shift towards heart consciousness. Embracing digital, corporeal and ancestral memory, she digs into scientific imaginaries and mystical realms to tackle the colonial wounds and energetic imbalances that affect the songs of our body-mind-spirits.

Tabita is based in French Guiana, where she is birthing AMAKABA.

Camille Barton
photo courtesy of Camille Barton

Camille Barton (they/them) is an interdisciplinary artist, educator and embodiment researcher, who uses afrofuturism to imagine creative interventions towards systems change. They are invested in breaking down the mind body separation that is dominant in Western paradigms in order to create more space for flexible thinking, holistic healing and bridging across differences. Camille’s art practice weaves dance, clowning, DJing, facilitation, film and cultural production.

Part of the Studium Generale lecture series
Wxtch Craft Spring Cycle '22: (Tr)ancestral body wisdom for a more-than-human Sex Magick



7 april 2022 19.30 - 21:00