Studium Generale - Betty Martin with melanie bonajo

This session was cancelled but will be rescheduled; more information on exact date follows

The Wheel of Consent: Receive, Give, Take, Allow

Guest: Betty Martin
melanie bonajo

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What receiving and giving are - and are not - and why it matters. How to find your selfishness and your generosity, why you need both, and when you need each of them. And what it all means in touch and relationship.


Betty Martin
photo courtesy of Betty Martin

I’ve had my hands on people just about as long as I can remember. First as a tomboy, then a chiropractor (26 years), then Liberation Theater, Contact Improvisation dance, and now as a Sacred Intimate and Love Coach. I’ve taught peer counseling, brain-body integration, gender liberation, parenting groups and erotic touch. I train Cuddle Party facilitators, Sacred Intimates and sexological bodyworkers. I still love getting my hands on people and am passionate about teaching others how to stay safe and effective in their hands-on practices of all kinds.

Part of the Studium Generale lecture series
Wxtch Craft Spring Cycle '22: (Tr)ancestral body wisdom for a more-than-human Sex Magick



31 maart 2022 19.30 - 21:00