Studium Generale - Ancestor Project with Camille Barton

Sacred Earth Medicines for Collective Liberation

Guest: Ancestor Project
Camille Barton

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In this discussion, The Ancestor Project co-creators, Charlotte James and Undrea Wright, will share about their holonic approach to collective liberation, and the role that our Sacred Earth Medicine allies have in ushering in an equitable future. They will talk about their focus on pre-ceremony preparation and post-ceremony integration as a means of respectful and reverential relationship building with these sacred allies. They will also share practical tips on how to enter into an intentional relationship with these medicines.


Charlotte James
photo courtesy of Charlotte James

Charlotte James has been a harm reductionist and psychedelic explorer for over 10 years, but her path through this work has certainly not been linear. After leaving harm reduction years ago because of rapid burn out, she is returning to this work with a new energy - thanks to the power of healing with Sacred Earth Medicines.

Charlotte is fascinated by communication, has a love of language, and is captivated by the power of human connection. She has been in fearless pursuit of her passions since she can remember, always gifting herself new experiences and opportunities to expand her mind. Charlotte works to create a world in which everyone is able to live in fearless pursuit of their radical transformation. She uses her skills as a digital strategist, coach, and space holder to build and engage a community focused on pursuing equitable liberation.

Undrea Wright
photo courtesy of Undrea Wright

Undrea Wright has been working to heal himself with sacred medicines for over 11 years. He is a cannabis entrepreneur that was instrumental in the decriminalization and medical bill pass in Maryland. He has a focus on equity and inclusion in all healing work and communities. Dre practices in the Traditional Amazonian ways, informed by the South American Shipibo-Conibo and Quechua-Lamista lineages, having trained with various global indigenous masters.

He focuses on ancient teachings as a means to achieve spiritual enlightenment. At the core of the teachings lies the transformation of consciousness, a spiritual awakening that he sees as the next step in human evolution. An essential aspect of this awakening consists in transcending our ego-based state of consciousness. This is a prerequisite not only for personal happiness but also for the ending of violent conflict endemic on our planet.

Camille Barton
photo courtesy of Camille Barton

Camille Barton (they/them) is an interdisciplinary artist, educator and embodiment researcher, who uses afrofuturism to imagine creative interventions towards systems change. They are invested in breaking down the mind body separation that is dominant in Western paradigms in order to create more space for flexible thinking, holistic healing and bridging across differences. Camille’s art practice weaves dance, clowning, DJing, facilitation, film and cultural production.

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10 maart 2022 19.30 - 21:00