Studium Generale - Alumnx Exchange Sessions: Alexandra Martens Serrano

BA Fine Arts alumna Alexandra Martens Serrano in conversation with moderator Femke Dekker

In this last session of the Alumnx Exchange Sessions of semester 1, 2023-2024 we invite Alexandra Martens Serrano to have a conversation with us, moderated by Femke Dekker on the role of technology in her practice, the authorship and future of her work.

We start with a presentation, which will have around 4 chapters.
Within each of those Alexandra will be telling us how these ideas or topics are visualized.
And by doing so she weaves a story on how these concepts take position within her work.
Supported by Alexandra’s interactive visual presentation (notion) we will have a conversation with her and Femke Dekker. Intro to Alexandra Martens Serrano and het practice at KABK and slowly the development after it that led her to incorporate more technology.

    What do we mean by technology?
  2. COSMOTECHNICS and Computational Thinking
    Technology that is not universal but also in relation to various cosmologies, contexts and ways of thinking
    The way we talk about technology and with/through technology
    The interrelationship with the biosphere, ecology and shaping the world

Alexandra Martens Serrano is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher currently based in Amsterdam. Her practice explores the ways in which branches of knowledge production and the personal as much as global narratives they generate are configured, mediated, and transmitted. Taking shape in non-linear associative constellations through installations composed of elements ranging from sculptures to drawings, text, and sound. Her research converges the development of techno-ecologies, which reverberate shadow discourses of magic realism, with intersectional ways of reconfiguring, ‘dubbing’, and entangling the world. Using and blending traditional techniques and diverse materials with digital software; she engages the beyond-human identities and assemblages of objects and images within her practice with larger frameworks of linguistics, chronopolitics, metaphysics, bio-politics, and history. Serving as hybrid gestures of semantics, she cultivates her work as vessels of alternative methods of thinking and communicating in which various worlds collide.

She holds an MA Art Praxis from the Dutch Art Institute (2022) and a BA in Fine Arts from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (2014). She has been a resident at POST in Arnhem (NL 2021), Deltaworkers in New Orleans (U.S.A 2018), at Billytown in The Hague (NL 2015) and LAGOS in Mexico City (MX 2019). Additionally, she has undergone multiple autonomous research periods within Latin America; Labor of (Eco)nomic Performances in Wake of Heat Waves (GT/SV 2017), Artefacts as Pursuit of Intimate Transaction (CL 2016) and Anthropomorphism within the Metropolis (MX 2018). Since 2017 she has been developing an ongoing project titled ‘Dragged Ways of Knowledge’ in collaboration with Finish curator Jussi Koitela. Her work has been exhibited internationally including presentations at BACO (Bergamo, IT 2022), MAMA (Rotterdam NL 2021), POST (Arnhem, NL 2021), Alkovi Gallery (Helsinki FI 2019), SQUASH (Mexico City, MX 2018), Art Rotterdam (NL 2019), New Orleans Contemporary Arts Center (U.S.A 2018), 3000 Degrees (BE 2018), Ainda Mt Nada (BR 2020), STROOM (NL 2018) and NEST (NL 2012).



7 december 2023 18.00 - 20:30


KABK Auditorium

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